Why You Not Losing Weight (and what you can do about it)

Not loosing weight is a common fact. We are all, soon or later, confused about ideal weight we should target for ourselves. More than that, we get stuck with a whole ocean of training & diet plans for weight loss that could possibly work yet we don’t get the equal desired results in our appearance like someone else does but .


And of course this can be VERY frustrating!

The scale number and BMI (Body Mass Index) results become failed cliché and school that doesn’t wear the title of “good old classic” knowledge.

It stands for just relatively useful harsh insight and doesn’t discover us for what is under the skin.

In this short and general article I try to describe the importance of our body composition in front of any decision about making plans with training & diet specific only for us.

Term weight is much wider in meaning than we usually use it for, but it is crucial to understand it if we want to know what training and nutrition process is necessary for our body.


We often witness when two persons have similar weight, but one of them looks thinner.

A person who has more muscle mass, weight more and is more likely to have slandered appearance than the one with more fat.

Of course, if we consider they have similar bone sizes in volume and in mass.

If one of them has a bigger body frame, looks slender, both are the same weight, thinner one could has a bigger bone volume.

If bone volumes are same, same appearance, the one who weighs less could have lower bone mass (proportional bone density).

So what? Here is the thing. Some people tend to line their body frame, which depends on the bone volume(shape is another topic, not relevant here) with general weight, which depends on bone density(mass), muscle mass, fat and water.

We consider 15 % of our body should be bone weight. People with huge bones want to have more than 10kg in excess than it is allowed by their BMI index.

Truth is, they should stop at about 5kg more to guess some golden middle ground.

There are many body composition calculators and those are values we must have just to prepare for specific training and nutrition process.

Many people who consider themselves as overweight will usually turn to any physical activity combined with a lower calorie intake in the hope they will burn calories as quickly as possible.


If we take into consideration above facts about their body composition, body balance might show values that don’t match their temporary expectations. After a few weeks, they give up and lose motivation which is the most important thing, especially at the start.

Absorption of food is different from person to person as well as other factors like detoxing your body. I want to say, someone could eat a 500 calorie meal and to absorb just 10 % of it, others could receive 70% of whole intake.

No matter what diet you use, the first thing you must do is to meet with your own body.

In a weight lose nutrition plan like The Shepherd’s Diet you can lose 10 kg and still have fat on your arms or love handles around your waist, but your IBM index will show normal weight.

We could recombine more examples, but it is already clear what the point is.

One common mistake people make is, when they start any training to lose belly fat, they immediately start doing crunches. That makes the fat to accumulate more in that area after you stop doing them.

Cardio, strength training and diet must ALL be well incorporated for your needs.

Have in mind to lose only about 5 kg per month. Your heart is used to pump bigger blood volume, when you lose much weight in a short period of time, you could have serious pressure problems and vein insufficiency.

Do not eat before training more than a shake or something easy if you are afraid to fast. If you want better results you can endure a few hours with no calorie intake and start training.

There are many facts vs. myths as why to do this or not, but, it is up to you to try.

Even those who know from their own experience cannot convince you much into something radical.

Dramatic weight loss comes with sustenance of habits that have filled our time until now.

Forget easy.

Pain is necessary to burn something.

You cannot burn fat nor gain muscle without few inflammations on long term.

Water intake should be time scheduled. If you want to lower absorption of food, drink water along with meals, colder temperature.

If you care about longer, healthier and secured way it is better for you to not drink any liquid half hour before and a half hour after your meal.

Make sure, in this case to take liquid heated to room temperature.

If you follow the program like how to weight loss fast, you cannot expect it without any side effects or hardness to endure during short period of time with a positive outcome.

If you are dealing with some easy weight loss diet, have on mind that it is as much slow process as much your diet choice is easy.

You could lose motivation faster than getting any results and I cannot stress enough how it is important to be part of weight loss motivational program during that period.

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