Types of Running Events

Types of Running Events
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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)
 Running is a type of sports as well as competition which involves endurance component while running. The running event is split into ones divided by distance and also involves permutations like that of hurdle race and steeplechase. Running competition involves race in which the competitors are judged based on their ability to run stipulated distance in the shortest time. The heart of the athletic sports is running events. The running events are grouped into different classes based as each of them require different athletic skills and involves different training methods, tactics and even the types of competitors. Today, one of the popular sports among the non-professional athletes is the road racing which included about 7.7 million people in USA alone in the year 2002.

Footspeed is also known as sprint speed and is defined as the maximum speed with which a human can run and it varies widely in the population and is very important part of athletics and sports. The fastest footspeed of the human as recorded is 44.72Km/h by Usain Bolt.

Types of Running Events

  • Track Running: It is a type of running which is individual or relay events. The running track is of specified distance and is oval is shape. The various events under this include long and middle distance, sprint and hurdle race.
  • Road Running: On an established road the running takes place over a measured distance. The race distance measures from 5 kilometers to long distances in the form of half marathons and marathons. The participants are large in number and involve even wheelchair entrants.
  • Cross Country Running: As the name suggests, cross country running involve running on a rough terrain. The running course may involve mud, grass, hills, woodlands, water and flat grounds. This is a very popular participatory running type which involves running along the track, field, racewalking and even roadrunning.

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Running Events in Terms of Distance

  • Sprints: This is a type of running event which is a run for a small distance in athletics and track and fields. This is the oldest type of running competitions. In a professional event the sprint running starts with the participants assuming a crouching position and then leaning forward and then moving gradually in upright position as the momentum is gained. Race which is for 100m is mainly to focused on the acceleration of the athlete to the maximum speed.
  • Middle Distance: Middle distance events for running have tracks longer than that of the sprint and up to 3000 meters. The standard distances for middle distance race includes 800m, 1500m and mile run. A 3000 meters race may also be classified as a middle distance running event. The 800 meter run was formed as a result of 880 yard run and half mile run and the root to this competition was United Kingdom in the year 1830s. In 1900 in continental Europe running 500m laps three times was common and this resulted in 1500 meter track.
  • Long Distance: The various events under long distance include long distance track races, ultramarathons, marathons and multiday races.