Best Running Gear for Cold Weather

Running Gear for Cold Weather

Would you like to be healthier, fitter physically in 2016? Are you thinking of taking on running, taking it to the next level or merely keeping up?

To be able to achieve your running goals in 2016, aside from strong will power, what you require is the right running kit. That means something that you will be looking forward to dressing up for those cold dark runs, however, that will also keep you working in any weather conditions.

Therefore, before you prepare for those snowy trails, we composed a list of 10 cold-weather essentials for winter runs. Stock up, and you’ll never listen to yourself say, “Baby, it’s too icy outside.” read more

Ladies And Gentlemen, The GPS Watch – What Does it Do?

GPS Watch

Who, at this day and age, still don’t know what global positioning system technology is, or what it can do?

Well if you find yourself scratching your head in search for an answer, you’re probably more familiar with how it’s commonly called: the GPS, and this baby gets its extreme monitoring capability from twenty four satellites surrounding our planet to provide us with the exact time & location information—whenever we need it, regardless of where we are, or what the weather is.

Cool huh? read more

The Top 10 Perfect GPS Running Watches for the Budget-Conscious Runner

Budget-Conscious Runner

There’s nothing quite like technology to make you feel like you’re all that.

A friend of mine started running to lose some excess pounds. She didn’t want to go to the gym because she felt that everyone there were already thin and toned and she felt embarrassed. She started running in placein front of a full-length mirror at home.

That’s really not a bad way to go about it. But why would she want to watch her muscles jiggle when running outdoors is so much more fun?

Persistence (or maybe nagging) finally paid off and she finally bought some actual running gear. And the best thing she got? A brand-spanking-new GPS running watch. read more

GPS Watches

GPS Watch

GPS, global positioning system, is a satellite-based navigation system made up of 24 satellites. Originally it was developed for the military purposes but later on the government made it publically available. GPS devices help in locating and approaching certain point or position easily. GPS watches are specifically designed for sports and fitness purposes. These help the runners to calculate various things like running time, start time, end time, time intervals, where to go, etc.
The runners use GPS watches to see how well they did whenever they ran and other details. They may provide other information like where they went, how far they went, speed of running and most importantly how much effort was put. Here are the few basics that a GPS watch offers. read more

Health Benefits Of Running Barefoot

Running Barefoot

Walking barefoot works by reawakening a light that we get as a result of our feet touching the ground. There are less effects and some joints torque than in the shoes. Walking barefoot reawakens the muscles which have atrophied in the shoes. It also reawakens the nerve endings as well as our balance system stimulating reflexology points at the bottom of our feet. It also has an anti-inflammatory benefits through the grounding meaning a stronger body, better posture, less joint pain, great health and more mobility. read more

Fitbit Charge Review

Fitbit Charge Review

Fitbit Charge is one of the latest fitness trackers from Fitbit. Well, Fitbit is a market leader in the fitness band market as it has approximately over 66.67% market share. It is their best product in the everyday fitness category. So, you can expect world class quality and performance from this band.

Now, let’s take a look at its key features.

  1. Tracks step, distance, calories and stairs. There are many fitness trackers in the market which can track basic things like steps, distance and calories but tracking stairs is quite rare which Fitbit Charge have. It can track all these data flawlessly with the help of its 3 axis accelerometer. And it also gives you real time data, so you can look at your activity whenever you want. No need to wait until syncing.
  2. Tracks Sleep Automatically. This is one of the most outstanding features of this band. There are just one or two fitness trackers like Misfit Shine, which can track sleep automatically. Because without this the feature of tracking sleep is useless, nobody likes to manually tell a watch every night that I am going to sleep and do the same while waking up.It not only tracks your sleep time, but it also analyzes the sleep quality and how many times you woke up last night. So you can take all these data and improve your sleeping patterns, which will have a lot of impact on your health.
  3. Battery Life – It has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It runs up to 7-10 days. It quite higher from the industry standard of 5-6 days. You have to charge it with a USB cable which comes along with it in the box. It takes around 1.5 -2 hours to charge a completely dead battery. So all in all you would have to charge it every week.For syncing it comes with a wireless adapter to sync with your computer. If you want to sync with your mobile phone, you can do it wirelessly with Bluetooth 4.0.
  4. Display – It has got an OLED display which is found in many high end Smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S5, etc. So you can expect the best level of display quality which is not found everywhere.
    The display has also got a caller id – which will give you phone notifications directly on your band. Just like all other fitness trackers in the market it will also show you time, total steps, estimated distance, calories burned and flights of stairs.
  5. Stop watch – This is an extra feature, though it’s not required. But it’s very useful if you have one.
  6. Silent Alarm – You can set the alarm on your Fitbit mobile app and it will awake you with an awesome silent vibrating alarm.
    So it will not technically make any sound at all, as it does not have speakers. But it has a very high vibrating motor, so it will make sure that you are out of your sleep.
  7. Clock – It has a clock, which will show you time in digital format. There are many other bands in the market like JawBone UP24, etc. which does not have show time at all. So it can be a really handy feature for wrist watch lovers.
Mobile App – The app designed by Fitbit is extremely robust and simple. Even your grandmother would be able to understand it in the first go.You can check everything that Fitbit Charge has tracked in the app like steps, calories, distance, etc. And even filter that data by days, weeks or months.Now, this is not something outstanding right – viewing the data the fitness tracker has tracked in the mobile phone. But analyzing that data is a complete different thing, and Fitbit had made sure that it’s a wonderful experience.

The second feature that its mobile app has to offer is the goal feature, you can add goals you want to achieve in the mobile app and then compare these goals with your friends who are also using any of the Fitbit products. When you add all your friends, it will create a leader board, a community and a forum. So you can interact with your friends on totally different level. read more

Fitness Apps for Girls on the Go

Apps for Girls on the Go

Smartphones can do just about everything form editing selfies to directing us to the newest and amazing bars and restaurants for a refill. In fact, these devices are effective tools that help organize our lives and sticking to our objectives. At every start of a new year, we all make resolutions to restore our fitness and tackle the new yea head-on. However, money always get the better of us. Here is a list of the five must have apps to help you stick to your fitness goal set at the start of this year. Remember, it is never too late to start. read more

Logging Distance and Speed With a GPS Watch

GPS Watch

Back in the day, people were quite contented with tracking their progress through their own guesstimate as they run for an hour around the park or the neighborhood.

The only tool they needed: Their trusty old watch.

When they’re done, they’ll head home, take a rest, maybe go on the internet to see if they can get an estimate of how many calories they burned, how much distance they were able to cover on that pace, and that’s it!

‘Til the next run!

But now, people of all shapes and sizes are toting GPS watches on their wrists wherever they go—and it’s not just because it’s what’s “in fashion” right now. There’s a great value to wearing a GPS watch, especially when one is working out. It comes with tons of features that everybody’s going to get a great kick out of. read more

Best Free Apps for Runners

Apps for Runners

It is undeniable that every aspect of our lives has been affected by technology. Running is not a new sport and currently, cutting-edge devices and programs have been invented with the aim of improving the running experience. One top technological innovation that has transformed the way we run by making more enjoyable is the mobile app invention. There is an app for just about anything. It is therefore not a surprise that there is a long list of apps geared towards running. Discussed in this article are 8 apps for runners which are also free. Lace up your favorite pair of running shoes and embrace a new way to burn the calories. read more

Common Mistakes Using Treadmill

Common Mistakes Using Treadmill

There are several benefits to using the treadmill for your physical exercise. Some of these benefits include protections against unsafe running conditions. When using your treadmill indoors, although the risks of injuries are lower than outdoor running, at most care and proper use of the machine must be adhered to if the risks of injuries are to be totally eradicated. Most of the injuries witnessed on the treadmills are related to its improper use. There are certain dos and Don’ts that must be followed when using a treadmill. To start with, users are discouraged from jumping on and off the treadmill. read more