Fitbit Surge Review: Best Buy for Fitness Enthusiasts

Fitbit Surge Review
Fitbit Surge THE GOOD

The Fitbit Surge fitness tracker offers and always-on display,

Vibration for Alarm

Automatic sleep tracker,

Continuous heart rate and GPS tracker.


Fitbit is big and bulky.

Cannot be used while swimming or showering

Heart rate monitor’s accuracy in doubt during workouts

Lacks feedback and coaching features

Short battery life and notifications only limited to ted and calls

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Continuous heart rate monitoring is a plus for the Surge

However, the smart features are inadequate while the fitness side of the Fitbit Surge is quite basic for such a price read more

Jawbone UP24 Review – An indepth look at the Jawbone UP24

Jawbone UP24 Review

Jawbone UP24 is the successor of the Jawbone UP. Jawbone Up24 is one of the top 10 fitness trackers in the market. It has got all the features you would expect from a fitness tracker, plus it has got really unique and sturdy design which is really rare.

Now let’s take a look at its key features:

  1. Tracks steps, calories and distance and exercise. It also tracks hours slept and the quality of your sleep – It will show you exactly whether you have had sound sleep or light sleep.It does not automatically detect when you are sleeping, but you will have to hold the button to switch it in to sleep mode and do the same when you wake up to get off the sleep mode.
  2. Tracks food and water.It will not track the food you eat automatically; instead you would have to manually enter each of the items you eat. But Jawbone has improved a lot. To make this process simpler they have some done some really cool things as follows:
    1. You can scan the barcode of the packet from which you are eating. This really helps a lot; because you just have to press a button and every minute detail from calories to proteins get registered.
    2. You can search for specific food items like pizza or pasta in their database and them. This is not that perfect, because the calories they assumed might be different in your food. Though it gives you a quite near estimate.
    3. You can snap pictures and add it. In this way you will remember what you ate and it will also create a food journal for you.
      So, in this way you can add the data in to the app. After you add the data the app will analyze the data and give you recommendation on what you should eat or not eat. This is done by Jawbone’s propriety algorithm called SmartCoach.
    Light Weight – It’s extremely light weight at just 22 grams. You don’t even feel like you are wearing a fitness tracker. When you look at some other top fitness trackers in the market like FitBit Flex which is almost 130 grams, so you can easily see that the Jawbone is six times lighter than the FitBit Flex. So, if you really want a fitness tracker but doesn’t want some extra weight to carry on – then this could be a good fit for you. Wireless Syncing – In the previous Jawbone UP, to sync it with your mobile app. You would have to every time connect it your mobile phone via the 3.5mm jack. But that’s not the case anymore, now you only need to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone it will automatically sync it. Charging – When you look at the fitness trackers out there are in the some comes with cell while some comes with a battery. You have Misfit Shine, Garmin Vivosoft, etc. which comes with lithium ion batteries which lasts from 6 months to a year, so you would not have to charge them every week or two. But some people doesn’t like the fact that every six months you would have to go out to buy a new battery, instead they prefer just to charge it every week at their home. And for those Jawbone has kept its charging preference to the USB charger. It will run up to 7 days when fully charged. And it takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes to full charge a dead battery.

    These were the key features of Jawbone UP24, if you want to know what over 2,000 people are saying about these features on Amazon click here.

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    Now let’s take a look at the drawbacks:

    1. No clock – It’s not cheap – the price is around $130. But you are not still getting a simple watch. Most of the competitors like Misfit Shine, Nike Fuelband SE, etc. all have clock.
      There are many people out there who doesn’t like to wear an extra clock when they are already wearing a fitness band.
    2. Cap can be lost
      To charge it, you have to remove the cap and connect it to your USB port. But after you remove the cap, there’s no place to put it in the band, so you would have to take care of the tiny little cap for over 1 hour every week, so that it doesn’t get lost
    3. Not water proof – It is water resistant and not water proof. You would be able to wash your hands while wearing it, go out in rain, take a shower wearing, etc. But it’s not designed to be deep in water substantially, so if you want to do swimming, surfing, etc. you would not be able to do it without getting the device malfunctioned.
      But if you can’t do without a water proof band, check out our Misfit shine review which is 100% waterproof.
    4. No heart rate monitor – This is a really big problem. Because without the heart rate reading it would not be able to count the calories accurately.
      But there are some trackers which have heart rate monitor in built like Garmin Vivofit and Polar loop.

    Hence, these were the drawbacks of the Jawbone UP24. Click here to know how over 2,000 people after buying Jawbone UP24 overcame these drawbacks. read more

Could A GPS Watch Be Tracked?

GPS Watch

The GPS watch is a very intuitive device that works as both a watch and a GPS receiver. Apart from its initial features, it can also come with other inclusions such as a heart rate monitor or a stopwatch, depending on its design and purpose.

Because this unit is integrated with a GPS receiver, it can be tracked with the help of GPS technology, powered by a network of twenty four satellites all orbitting around the earth, capable of sending signals all at the same time to provide precise time & location data. These signals are then sent to receivers such as the ones found in airplanes, ships, boats, cars, other land vehicles, and one of the smallest ones so far, the GPS watch. read more

What People Are Saying About Their GPS Watches Experience

GPS Watches Experience

Not everybody’s got their own GPS watch—yet. But it won’t be long until even the laziest person on earth is going to want one, and that watch alone is going to be reason enough for them to want to get back into shape.

Because that’s just the effect of a GPS watch. It propels people to do more, it pushes them to break new records, at the same time letting them know when they should stop.

Track It

Most of the people who own GPS watches are runners, and they use them to keep track of their distance, speed and pace, as well as cadence. read more

6 Must Have Running Equipment

6 Must Have Running Equipment

Running ranks top among the most common and oldest sport in the world. It is a universal sport loved by most people worldwide. Running starts at a very young age. Running is also a conditional method applied in a majority of other sports. There are people who love running with it. For this group, running has become a preferred choice for most runners, some of whom have earned accolades on a global scale, such as Usain Bolt of Jamaica and the long distance runner, Paul Tergat of Kenya.

There are different variations of running. The variants are dependent on the distance covered. For instance, some will run marathons such as the Boston and London Marathons which are global event with participants coming from all corners of the globe. The fact that you are reading this post means that you too want to try out your running skills. People run for different reasons. Whether you want to lose the extra kilos and keep your cardiovascular system in check, or you simply want to stay fit, running will do the trick. One important factor to keep in mind is that, as a beginner, you do not expect to cover the same distance as a pro would do. This article is designed to help you get from 0Km to 5Kms with the right set of running equipment. read more

Jogging Tips For Beginners to Lose Weight


For many individuals, the exercise of jogging may be an excellent way start with exercise once you are out of form or need to slim. Even those that area unit in fine condition might want to require up jogging simply to extend their cardio and obtain get into the contemporary air. No matter your reasons could also be, jogging is a superb kind of exercise, however one that won’t quite as simple because it appearance. Before you throw on your trainers and head out the door, browse through this beginner’s guide a way to jog to slim down.
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Withings Pulse O2 Review

Withings Pulse O2 Review

The Withings Pulse O2 is alike and unlike similar sport and fitness bands available on the market today. It has many of the same functionalities, although falling short in some areas, as its competitors but one unique feature not found among other big name brands. The Pulse o2 can tell you what your blood oxygen saturation levels are. While it can be worn many ways and comes in a couple of colors what you should be wondering is “Why should I consider this?” as the sport/ fitness band to take home. Below I will outline the features, benefits, and drawbacks, as well as briefly pointing out how this band compares to a few of it’s competitors. read more

Types of Running Events

Types of Running Events
 Running is a type of sports as well as competition which involves endurance component while running. The running event is split into ones divided by distance and also involves permutations like that of hurdle race and steeplechase. Running competition involves race in which the competitors are judged based on their ability to run stipulated distance in the shortest time. The heart of the athletic sports is running events. The running events are grouped into different classes based as each of them require different athletic skills and involves different training methods, tactics and even the types of competitors. Today, one of the popular sports among the non-professional athletes is the road racing which included about 7.7 million people in USA alone in the year 2002.

Footspeed is also known as sprint speed and is defined as the maximum speed with which a human can run and it varies widely in the population and is very important part of athletics and sports. The fastest footspeed of the human as recorded is 44.72Km/h by Usain Bolt.

Types of Running Events

  • Track Running: It is a type of running which is individual or relay events. The running track is of specified distance and is oval is shape. The various events under this include long and middle distance, sprint and hurdle race.
  • Road Running: On an established road the running takes place over a measured distance. The race distance measures from 5 kilometers to long distances in the form of half marathons and marathons. The participants are large in number and involve even wheelchair entrants.
  • Cross Country Running: As the name suggests, cross country running involve running on a rough terrain. The running course may involve mud, grass, hills, woodlands, water and flat grounds. This is a very popular participatory running type which involves running along the track, field, racewalking and even roadrunning.
  • read more

    Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Want to supercharge your training? Strapping on a good and stylish heart rate monitor is the way to go about it. With a chest strap heart rate monitor, you not only get accurate stats, but also allows you to set heart rate training in specific zones improving on the efficiency of your regime.

    Companies are now adding heart rate monitors into the running watches and fitness trackers. These heart rate monitors rely on optical sensors to detect blood racing through the veins. But as most studies have found out about the wareable, while the sensor is a great way to ditch the chest straps, and a great way for beginners to be cautious about their heart rate, for high accuracy, the chest strap is the best option available. read more



    Treadmill And Their Variations

    Treadmills differ in not only in their designs but also in their uses. Different designs are meant for different users depending on their preferences and characteristics. The different variations result in difference in prices of the treadmills. However, there is a common rule in the treadmill market that states that the more you spend on your machine the longer it will last and the better the results it will give you.

    The first variation that is considered when purchasing a treadmill is the use. You can have a treadmill for just walking, jogging or just running. Each of these uses directly alters the mechanism involved in getting the treadmill to work and hence the difference in costs. A treadmill designed for just walking will not require a much stronger motor like it would be in the case of a jogging treadmill. The effect of this in price is that that of a jogging treadmill is much higher than that of the former. However, if you purchase the machine designed specifically for running, you will most pay much higher compared to the other two designs. read more