Logging Distance and Speed With a GPS Watch

GPS Watch
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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

Back in the day, people were quite contented with tracking their progress through their own guesstimate as they run for an hour around the park or the neighborhood.

The only tool they needed: Their trusty old watch.

When they’re done, they’ll head home, take a rest, maybe go on the internet to see if they can get an estimate of how many calories they burned, how much distance they were able to cover on that pace, and that’s it!

‘Til the next run!

But now, people of all shapes and sizes are toting GPS watches on their wrists wherever they go—and it’s not just because it’s what’s “in fashion” right now. There’s a great value to wearing a GPS watch, especially when one is working out. It comes with tons of features that everybody’s going to get a great kick out of.

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Features Abound

 It’s not just the built in maps that makes this work out accessory so hot among the young and the old, nor is it the myriad of information you can have in just a few swift clicks. It’s the fact you can track your progress, and never have to second-guess ever again just how many more calories you need to lose so you can meet your target. That’s what makes it so worthy buying.

And of course, no GPS watch won’t ever be a GPS watch if it doesn’t have the capability to provide you with your exact location—but that’s already a given. But thanks again to this awesome technology, you’ll get to your destination quicker, and there’s no need to worry you’ll get lost along the way!

And logging distance and speed with a GPS watch is a piece of cake. It’s what it’s for, after all. Because sometimes, you just don’t have any idea if you’re making any progress no matter how many times you’ve ran the course of your favorite trail run.


Distance And Speed

 But with this type of technology around your wrist, all the information it gives you instantly becomes a part of your rhythm. It lets you train smarter and make healthier choices on and off the track.

Speed and distance information is a very important part of any training program. Without it, it would be harder for you to reach your peak performance. Logging distance and speed with a GPS watch helps you know on real time if you need to make any adjustments on your pace.

And with its own built in Heart Rate Monitor, you’re always going to be two steps ahead of your game, especially since you can’t always tell if you’re pushing yourself too hard, or if you’ve already pushed yourself over the edge (yeah, that sometimes happens, even to the best of us).


Logging Method

With all that in the way, how exactly does a GPS watch log speed and distance with such precision? Simple. The GPS does all the work by automatically calculating your position and your speed. With that comes the distance you’ve traveled.


How Accurate Are They?

 You can count on your GPS watch to be highly accurate when it’s receiving satellite signals in optimum strength. And because this system has a network of twenty four satellites all strategically positioned around the planet, you can almost always count on it to give you the right numbers.

 GPS watches need no calibration, unlike some units out there. And when navigation is an essential element to your training, you can count on it to give you exact positioning data.

 But take note, if you’re path is surrounded by thick trees, this could prove to be a problem, causing the satellite signals to be blocked. Accuracy is going to be an issue when this happens.

 To those who are very particular with precision, (aren’t we all? That’s the reason why we bought/want one, right?) you need to purchase a satellite lock with the unit to make sure the continuous arm swinging motion won’t be a hindrance to the data accuracy.

 Now you know how logging distance and speed with a GPS watch works, it’s time for you to take things more seriously. Not only is getting a GPS watch a good health investment, it’s also a good way to achieve your goals quicker.

 You know what to do. Good luck!