How to Set Weight Loss Goals

How to Set Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is a top priority for most people who want to lead a healthy, fit lifestyle. Losing extra weight can take a lot of commitment, but some people may want instant results to get rid of weight problems. Here are some ways to help you set your own weight loss goals.

Rapid Weight Loss

You should definitely take steps to lose extra weight, but weight loss can cause serious health problems if you don’t do it right. Here are some of the dangers of rapid weight loss:

Anorexia and bulimia are physical and psychological problems that can result from rapid or forcible weight loss.

Other health problems like indigestion or problems with metabolism are the least of your worries with rapid weight loss. You may also suffer from some serious illnesses like heart attacks or depression.

Weight gain. People who try to accelerate the weight loss process may end up gaining weight faster, or adding more weight to the pounds they already lost.

A Pound at a Time

Setting flexible deadlines for your weight loss program is one way to set and reach your weight loss goals. If the deadlines you set are too strict, you may end up disappointing yourself in the process. Yet if your deadlines are way too flexible, you may end up being too lax on your own weight loss goals.

Weekly Weight Loss

One way to monitor your progress is to weigh yourself every week. Set a reasonable goal depending on your lifestyle; if your maximum weight loss goal is 20 pounds in three weeks, divide the value by 20 days, with a one-day allowance to help you get rid of any remaining “balance” in your weight.

Monthly Weight Loss

For a long-term weight-loss program, you may want to add monthly goals on top of your weekly goals. Weight loss goals set over the span of months is particularly important for maintenance, or if you have a lot of extra weight to shed.

Make It Happen

All the scheduling in the world will not help you lose weight if you do not take the steps needed to lose it:
Balanced diet. A change of diet should only be planned and monitored by a doctor or a dietician. The right amount of healthful food, however, is a great help if you’re planning to shed some extra pounds to lose dress sizes or inches from your waistline.

Exercise. Diet can only be made better with exercise. Put exercise as a priority in your schedule, instead of an optional task.

Weight loss is a great personal objective if you want to keep a healthy, fit, and trim lifestyle. With these tips, you can set your weight loss goals and be a step away to healthy living.

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