How to Resist Snacking

How to Resist Snacking

There are times when you’re very tempted to reach out and grab a bowl of ice cream or munch on cookies on your counter.

Snacking is not bad, and is even encouraged in a healthy diet, but if you’re already eating too much in between meals, then you need to find a remedy for your obsessive snacking. Don’t worry, here are some easy tips to help you resist snacking.

Plan your meals. People snack because they get hungry easily. If you eat too early in the morning, then chances are you’ll want a snack by 10 am. To avoid this, plan your meals well. Eat at a time that won’t leave a large gap before the next meal. You should also make sure that you eat a balanced meal, with fruits and veggies. Start with a heavy breakfast; it’s the most important meal of the day.

Chew your food when you eat. This will help you feel fuller, and will make your tummy crave less food. It also improves and helps your digestive system, allowing it to digest food easier. Also, make it a habit to drink water between every bit as well. Water also works great instead of food when you feel hungry in between meals.

Remove all temptations. This is the most effective tactic to fight snacking urges. Raid your fridge and cupboards and get rid of food that have more than five grams of fat or 200 calories per serving. Cookies, chips, soda and other junk food should be disposed of. If the culprits are not in your home, then you won’t have much trouble.

You should also exercise caution when you go grocery shopping. Stick to a list or ask someone else to do the shopping for you.

Avoid the kitchen. Being in or near the kitchen will make you more hungry, because of the sights and smells of food. Stay as far away from it as possible, especially when someone is preparing dinner. If there’s a mini-fridge in your bedroom, get rid of it immediately.

Chew on gum. Maybe you’re not really very hungry, but you’re just looking for a flavor in your mouth. Pop a stick of gum in your mouth and chew it until the craving goes away. Opt for sugar-free, to make sure you don’t get excessive calories.

Distract yourself. Focus on something else besides eating. Keep yourself busy with work or homework. You can get a hobby or try different outdoor activities. Why not watch TV? Just make sure you don’t turn it to one of those cooking channels.

If you’re really hungry, snack on something healthy. Some trail mix, carrot sticks or fruit will do a lot of good to you.

If you’re munching on these, then snacking won’t be as bad as you think. Here are more tips on snacking healthy.

Sticking to a balanced diet can be a struggle for some people and they find themselves snacking too often, If you’re one of those who have trouble with this dilemma, these easy tips might help you improve this habit.

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