How to Make a Workout Schedule

How to Make a Workout Schedule

One of the toughest thing about sticking to a workout is finding the time to actually do it. A lot of people end up claiming that they are too busy or have too many things on their plate. Sound like you? Stop making excuses. You can always make time for anything, especially if you’re really committed to it. Here are some steps to make a workout schedule that works out for you.

Plan the Workout

Considering your weekly schedules and activities is the best way to plan your workout schedule. This should give you an idea on how to manage your time, and most importantly, not to allow yourself excuses in missing your workouts.

Post your workout goals somewhere you can see daily. This should motivate you to stick to the plan.
Sit down and review your weekly schedule. Determine how many times in a week you can devote to exercising and how many hours in a particular day you can commit to your workout.

Devote at least 30 minutes in your workout schedule for the exercise itself. Make an allowance for another 30 minutes to get dressed and to recover from the workout.

Be specific on what kind of exercise you will do on a specific day. Having a different exercise routine per day will prevent you from getting bored.

Keep in mind that a combination of cardio exercises and strength exercises is the best way to lose weight and build muscle.

Keep an eye out for workout videos that can give you both cardio and strength exercises in 30 minutes. You can mix up these workouts with your other standard exercises.

Follow your schedule for at least one month, and you’re sure to feel a difference! After the month is over, sit down and plan out the schedule again for the following month.

Keeping Motivated

Write down your accomplishments for the day after working out. Having a list of accomplishments can be greatly gratifying and will keep you motivated in the days to come.

If you missed a day, make sure that you make time in the following days for a “make up session.”
Having an exercising partner is another way to keep motivated. Call each other up and compare notes on your efforts so far. Having a sounding board is a great comfort and will remind you that you’re not alone in your efforts.

Have a monthly check on how much your body has changed within the month. If you haven’t lost a ton of weight, it’s okay. Your body strength and endurance will have definitely improved, not to mention the health benefits you’ve earned.

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