How To Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat

Sure, you may find Homer Simpson hilarious, but there’s nothing funny about the belly fat that he is oh-so-famous for. That extra fat in your belly is not only unsightly—it’s also very unhealthy.

Belly fat has the ability to slow down your metabolism and put you at a greater risk for illnesses such diabetes, cancer and other heart problems. If you want to live a healthy life and banish that belly fat, just follow these simple tips:

Say No to Fatty Foods

Temptation may lurk in every corner but the only way for you to shed that irritating belly fat is to stay off unhealthy foods. Avoid red meat at all cost. Instead, try to eat low-fats meats such as chicken and turkey breast but avoid eating the skin part. Try fish products since they are pretty healthy too.

Anything fried can be disastrous to your diet. Also try to stay away from pasta dishes with high fat sauces and too much butter. Vegetables are perfect for those who’d like to trim their weight but be wary of salad dressing that are loaded with fat. Choose your dressing very carefully and buy only the low-fat types or try to skip them at all.

Stay away from processed food and go natural. This means eating the right kind of carbohydrates such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Finally, don’t allow yourself to get hungry. Most people tend to make poor decisions when they get hungry and overindulge in the process.

A slower metabolism paired with lots of extra, low-quality calories can greatly increase your body fat levels. To prevent yourself from getting hungry, you should:

Eat in small portions every two to three hours.

Make sure you have protein in your diet.

Go veggies and include other high-fiber foods such as beans and other whole grain foods.

Exercise the Right Way

Doing cardio activities at least five days a week for half an hour will do wonders to your health. Brisk walk or jog with a friend and make a commitment to do these exercises on a regular basis.

You may also try other belly-busting activities such as swimming and other team sports like basketball or soccer.

Serious lap swimming done at a regular pace will hep your cause. Swimming is also an excellent activity for those who’d like to tone their bodies. Team sports meanwhile let you sweat for hours while you enjoy the games you play.

Another alternative exercise is pilates yoga since it specifically targets your belly fat. If done properly and regularly, it will firm up your underlying stomach muscles, producing a flat belly. It is also known to reduce stress.

Try to exercise first thing in the morning before you start breakfast to force your body to tap into its fat stores much sooner than if you work out after munching on your usual bacon and eggs.

Working out before having breakfast is proven to be effective especially among body builders, models and fitness contestants.

Load up on Water

Drink eight to 10 glasses of water everyday. By sticking to this habit, you’ll be able to boost your metabolism and control your hunger much better. You can also try try seltzer or mineral water added with some lime or lemon juice. Another alternative is green tea since it has high levels of certain fat-burning chemicals.

Green tea should be consumed before working out to produce only the best results.

Follow these tips and see amazing results within a few weeks. As long as you have the patience and dedication, you can lose that belly fat and gain more motivation and encouragement to face the day ahead.

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