How to Lose Arm Fat

How to Lose Arm Fat

Some view arm fat as unsightly. They believe that, with the excess layers of flesh covering their biceps, their choices of clothing are rather limited.

Not many people want to expose a pair of flabby arms, which eliminates tank tops and halter tops from their wardrobe’s “must-wear” list. Good thing excess arm fat can be eliminated through exercise and eating a proper diet. You just have to enforce a strict regimen for you to succeed.

Discipline and determination are two essential characteristics when trying to lose arm fat. You must control yourself from eating beyond a healthy diet. In addition, some time must be dedicated for exercise, with only a few rest periods. When you successfully insert both dieting and exercise in your daily routine, having a pair of sexy toned arms will be easy.

Arm Exercise Routines

Exercises, which center on the arms, are necessary for you to lose excess arm fat. These routines must be done regularly, or else you might lose the drive to continue. The first step is to burn the fat on your arms by lifting light weights. When some of the flabs have been eliminated, you can then proceed to doing exercises that will tone your arms.

Remember, toning your arms too early will cause the fat and muscle to combine, making your arms look even larger than before. Here are the set of arm exercises that you can follow:

Fat Burning Exercises

Bicep Curls – The trick with this bicep building exercise is to lift light weights with numerous reps per set. Grab a three to six pound dumbbell then position your arm in an “L” shape. Lift the dumbbell until your knuckle is right in front of your shoulder slowly. Now move your arm down, back to its original position, which is the “L” shape, to complete one rep. In the beginning, you can do two sets of ten reps daily. Increase the number of reps and later, sets, as you go along with the exercise each week.

Tricep Extensions –The tricep extension aims to burn the fat on your tricep area and eventually build muscles. First, maintain a stand-up position, with legs slightly separated. Hold a dumbbell with both hands at the back, parallel to your nape. Lift the dumbbell slowly until your arms form a right angle then return them to their starting position. Do two sets, containing 10 reps each, if you are a starter.

Backward Lifts – The backward lift focuses on making the triceps leaner and firmer. From a standing position, spread your legs, as you hold a pair of lightweight dumbbells. Lift your arms slowly back, as far as you can go, then return to them to their original position. For starters, you can do two sets, having eight reps each, of this exercise. It is a little harder than the bicep curl, so more concentration is required.
Arm Toning Exercises

Push Ups – Push Ups are the premier exercise for forming and toning arm muscles. Since you are carrying the weight of your entire body with your arms, it is not an easy exercise for starters. Start by lying face down on the ground. Open your palms, move them in front of your shoulders, then push your arms up until they straighten. Once done, push your body down, but don’t let your torso touch the ground. Repeat the up and down motion for your next rep. For beginners, the number of reps is entirely up to you, given the difficulty of the exercise. Though, ideally, you should be doing ten after the first week.

Tricep Dips – The tricep dip is a fairly easy exercise, though doing many reps can be pretty challenging. Find a sturdy table or any surface that has the same height. Position yourself with your back facing the table. Plant your open palms on the tabletop then move a few paces away. Once done, lower your body then push it up with your arms. Do two sets, with 12 reps for each set.

Increase the Reps and Sets – Once you have reached the toning phase of your regimen, you should be accustomed to all of the exercises. Your job now is top increase the reps and the sets, so your arms will form firm bumps. You can even increase the weights of the dumbbells for the bicep curls and the tricep extensions, if you want to have big muscles.

If you feel you need more exercises, you can hire a personal trainer or buy an exercise video to effectively free your arms from unwanted fat. You can also jog and go the gym for a full-body workout.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

An exercise regimen will surely fail if it is not combined with a proper diet. Cut down on fat and carbohydrates, especially during dinner, and follow the recommended dietary allowance, which is found on the labels of canned goods, daily. To have a diet tailor-made for your age and body type, you can hire a nutritionist. He or she will provide a dieting regimen that should help you get rid of unwanted fat en route to being slim and sexy.

Eliminate Unwanted Fat for Better Health

Having much arm fat is not only unsightly, but is also an indication that you may need to lose weight. The accumulation of fat is somewhat proportional for your entire body, so you should do the necessary measures to look and be more healthy. Remember, diet and exercise are your two best allies.

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