Health Benefits Of Running Barefoot

Running Barefoot
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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

Walking barefoot works by reawakening a light that we get as a result of our feet touching the ground. There are less effects and some joints torque than in the shoes. Walking barefoot reawakens the muscles which have atrophied in the shoes. It also reawakens the nerve endings as well as our balance system stimulating reflexology points at the bottom of our feet. It also has an anti-inflammatory benefits through the grounding meaning a stronger body, better posture, less joint pain, great health and more mobility.

Walking barefoot is like making a discovery of a new fountain of youth. When you have painless knees, feet, backs and feet we tend to be very active. One feels younger as the body act stronger, the mind also becomes sharper and the level of concentration increases.

Here are health benefits of running barefoot

Acquire great balance

Running barefoot helps you to feel the ground and this help to waken the vestibular system found in the brain and it stimulate the neural connections and the remapping of the mind for some great balance.

It increases ones strength

Barefoot running help to wake up the new muscles used for balance and support.

It makes the feet healthy

The body is able to work or use principle. The feet strengthen and plantar fasciitis disappears. The foot neuromas will diminish and conditions such as hammertoes will go away. Foot problems such as arthritic foot begin to slow down or even heal itself as it start to develop greater strength, blood flow and flexibility.

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A great circulation

Running barefoot will awaken long dormant muscles on the legs and also the feet. You are likely to get more blood flow to the feet and the legs and this will keep you going. This lead to increased blood flow and this results to less aches and pains, you also get less varicose veins and very warm feet during winter.

Get a better posture

We all have some unhealthy habits or some pronounced pelvic tilts which we get from a lifetime spent in the traditional shoe. For those who are high heel lovers sometimes they are forced to change their pasture when walking by getting the butt back and bending forward around the waist and this makes us strain our hamstrings, upper back, lower back and the neck. This puts a lot of pressure and force on the hips, feet and the knees as we run. When we are out of the shoes we begin to reverse how we feel on them. Feeling the ground help our nerve endings at the bottom of our feet to begin telling us whether we are tilting, leaning or bending forward at the waist. When we run barefoot we reduce the strain on our bodies.

It helps decrease our blood pressure

Studies have shown that stimulating the nerve endings found on the bottom of the feet we are likely to decrease blood pressure and parasympathetic flight response of our bodies. We decrease the stress and the inflammation throughout our bodies.

Reduce inflammation.

Running barefoot is said to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is one of the highest cause of diseases in the 21st century. You can reduce inflammation when running barefoot or standing barefoot on the ground. Studies have shown that the free radicals and buggers responsible for the inflammation usually carry some positive charge. The positively charged particled however play a very important rile in human immunity and the healing response, in case there is no way of draining them then they build up in our bodies and create excess inflammation damaging the cells.

Reflexology benefits

Reflexology is a process which involves stimulating nerves on the bottom of our feet to jelp stimulate our immune system. Thereduce inflammation and the pain will reduce the blood pressure tension and stress and stimuulate body healing process.

Running barefoot strengthen the tendons, muscles and ligaments found in the foot and it allow develop a natural gait. Removing the heel lift help stretch and strengthen the achilles and calf muscles which reduce injuries. Runners learn to land well using the fore foot rather thatn heel. Heel strike during running developed as a result of excessive padding of the shoes used in running. When running barefoot you are able to land on the mid-foot which keep your stride smooth and fluid.

Landing on the forefoot will keep your arches act as natural shock absorbers. It improves the balance and proprioception. It helps activate the small muscles in the feet, the hips, the legs and the ankles for good balance and coordination. Running barefooted help increase balance and helps the foot stay grounded and also connected to the environment.