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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

GPS, global positioning system, is a satellite-based navigation system made up of 24 satellites. Originally it was developed for the military purposes but later on the government made it publically available. GPS devices help in locating and approaching certain point or position easily. GPS watches are specifically designed for sports and fitness purposes. These help the runners to calculate various things like running time, start time, end time, time intervals, where to go, etc.
The runners use GPS watches to see how well they did whenever they ran and other details. They may provide other information like where they went, how far they went, speed of running and most importantly how much effort was put. Here are the few basics that a GPS watch offers.

WHERE YOU WENT:- It’s very nice to know that where you went especially when you are with friends, in a club or with someone, and you didn’t know where you went. Then you can find your routes easily and can find after downloading later. So when you complete your running and return to your start position, you can see the map that will show you where you exactly went.

HOW FAST YOU WENT:- GPS watches let you know about your speed. If you know, the total distance covered and the time you took in covering that distance, it will be easy to calculate your speed. You can know here you were fast and where were slow. Few GPS watches enable you to know your speed ever while you are running. You will be able to see a graphical representation of your speed when you want to see.

HOW MUCH EFFORT YOU PUT:- The most amazing feature of GPS watches that every watch gives in abundance is the report and analysis of your efforts you put into your exercise. These watches tell you about the calories you burnt, oxygen thresholds and heart rate. Simply, you have a coach in the form of your wristwatch that gives you every necessary and required piece of information.

RUNNING COMMUNITIES:- GPS watches help the runners to join various running and training communities and few communities provide services to their members by whom they can keep details of their all activities.

Few of the major purposes for which GPS watches were designed are as follows:
•    Data logging
•    Navigation
•    Fitness training. GPS watches can be used for different sports purposes like running, swimming, hiking, cycling, etc.
•    In some specific sports assistance like the golf.
•    Locating children and other disabled people.

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After reviewing the offers and purposes of GPA watches, it becomes clear that these were invented and brought into a market for human ease and to facilitate people. These can be used for many purposes and on many occasions like sports purpose and many others. After the introduction of these watches, it became quite easy for the runners to do exercises and enjoy numerous amazing features available in the GPS watches.