Garmin Fenix 2: The Qualities of the Best Training Watch

Best Training Watch
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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

Using the ideal watch to cater to your fitness schedule is the best thing that an athlete can have. Finally, experts have manufactured a watch that you can use for any activity that you are into. Fenix 2 by Garmin offers the flexibility and quality of training with advanced devices. Choose from their high-sensitivity GPS tracking features and recovery advisor. You can always stay in-touch even while you are testing your training grounds. Garmin Fenix 2 is really what you can use for switching from one activity to another.

Stylish Adaptation to Your Fitness Lifestyle Garmin has manufactured a genius watch where you can easily track heart rate and running speed every minute. When you purchase Fenix 2, it will come with the following items as well:

  • Fabric Wrist Strap Kit
  • AC Adapter
  • Quick start manual
  • USB charging cable
  • Fenix 2 GPS Watch

Technical Specifications and Features You cannot go wrong with the training features offered by Fenix 2 watch from Garmin. It has the most advanced gauges that will measure your fitness abilities. It has a VO2 max estimator where you can check your heart rate, crunches, speed and the variability of heart rate to your optimum body oxygen level every minute. Monitor the changes to your VO2 max and see gains to fitness and discuss it with your peers. Aside from VO2, here are other features you can acquire from Fenix 2:

  • Recovery Time Check. Fenix 2 can estimate your recovery state immediately after a run where it also tries to operate in the countdown mode right until the next effort. The time for recovery ranges from six to 96 hours. In addition, you can also measure your recovery for the first minutes.
  • Altimeter. Fenix 2 can keep you updated real-time with any increases as it has a built-in barometric altimeter.
  • Barometer. With its barometer, you can track and predict any weather changes. Your watch can easily notify you of short-term changes to barometric air pressure. When the barometric pressure starts to decrease steadily. This could warn you of an impending storm.
  • Temperature Sensor. Any temperature alterations are sent to you with its sensor. You can quickly see if the temperature falls or rises where you will be able to determine your shelter and clothing needs or if you need to stop the training.
  • Compass. Fenix 2 involves a three-axis compass to track your bearing whether you will be moving out or not.
  • Wireless Communication. With this feature, you can easily share the routes, tracks and other geo-caches with devices compatible with Garmin. The Fenix 2 is equipped with ANT capabilities and Bluetooth where you can also pair with external devices from our list of featured monitors (e.g. heart rate, bike sensor, and temperature sensor).
  • HRM-Run monitor adds details on ground contact time, cadence and vertical oscillation.
  • Connected details such as BaseCamp and Garmin Connect for real-time tracking and sharing
  • Highly sensitive GPS positioning
  • Highly durable, where it combines a strong housing that can easily survive shocks with the curved mineral glass lens, and, of course, resist scratches. The Fenix 2 watch has a large display along with a hook-and-loop fastener that can accommodate all sizes and strap it on top of the jacket. The Fenix 2 is also water rated and a lot of battery life for up to 50 hours in GPS mode and more than 5 weeks in watch modes.
  • Various watch functions available such as vibration alerts, timer, tones, alarms, world clock and stopwatch. With its world clock, you can see the time zones at one time.
  • Ski-board and Swim Mode. Not only does Fenix 2 apply on outdoor activities but also to skiing and swimming. You can track your pace, stroke count and distance. The only thing that you need to input is the size of the pool.

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Feedback Many feedbacks from customers were all positive. The reviews were saying that Fenix was excellent as it can really establish different way-points easily from the smartphone. Once you’ve created a way-point, this is transferred to the watch. This is also easily done if you already have a BaseCamp application where you can use the location services of your phone to find the way-point. The interface is also positively seen by different owners of Fenix where the colors can easily differentiate the functions and way-points as well. If you are road running, you can easily appreciate Fenix 2 when you want extra time or if you want to run ultras according to different users.

Pros of Product This is dubbed by reviewers as the ultimate multisport adventure watch where you can use it everyday. It is waterproof up to 50 meters, scratch-resistant and 50 hours battery in GPS mode. The distance will vary and depends on which sensors you are pairing this watch with. The highlights in Fenix 2 are barometer, 3-axis compass, navigation, mapping, altimeter and 10,000 track points. It also has TrackBack to keep users from getting lost in their adventure routes. You can also load adventures and routes using the geocaching. Aside from these features, the Ski-Board Mode and Ski Mode can measure the 3D speed and distance. The Fenix 2 also auto pauses when you go back up and stand still. The run is stored as a lap where you can see and compare data from each run. It also comes with a strap expander so you can wear it even outside your jacket. This watch is also globally available through Amazon. Other advantages when you use Fenix 2 are:

  • HRM-RUN heart rate strap. This is the premium heart rate strap provided with the Garmin FR260. The Fenix 2 supports the entire running pace features.
  • The buttons easily changeable with the titled menu, quick tap and down button. There’s also a light button and start or stop button.
  • You can easily customize the data fields were you can establish different data pages and still limited to only three data fields per page. You can configure the fields and find the swim section button where you choose different swim fields. Nonetheless, you also need to distinguish the lap time.
  • For the triathlon sport such as cycling, the Fenix 2 has added different capabilities like the power meter support. This also increases your capability of encompassing a good bike watch.
  • Almost all features found in other Garmin products are found in this watch. They have this Running Dynamics where the Fenix 2 catches the movements being part of your running pace.
  • It catches three metrics. One is called cadence where it measures the total steps per minute and internal to the HR strap. The vertical oscillation is the measurement of bounce in runners torso found within each step. This is measured in centimeters. The ground contact time is how much time the foot spends on touching the ground and measured in milliseconds.
  • Apart from Running Dynamics, there is also the training effect or the score given to a workout and how this impacts the body.
  • The race predictor utilizes simple tables that will take the VO2Max and combined with age, gender and distinguish the best possible times.
  • VO2Max is the heart rate and its variability. This is displayed on each run you do.
  • This is truly a multisport watch since anyone can change from one perspective to another, which can be very useful among triathletes. You can swim, then bike and finally run while recording the transition lines in between these activities.
  • They are persistently combating some of the bugs with the Android app where they enable uploads from previous watches from Garmin.
  • Compatibility can be an issue for Fenix 2 that’s why they have designed this to be independent from the Android system. Most of its features can function without the Android system.

Cons of Product Some users complain about the small fonts or digits used at the watch. They see that this can be disturbing and too small for reading when they are running. Some users also complain on calorie calculations where at some point, the watch stops counting and it becomes a major disadvantage over other brands. Finally, the Fenix 2 watch has some bugs when used with Android phones. For some people, this can be very disturbing since it would be a dilemma to use it with a lot of bugs. The solution here is to observe how it can easily sync with different applications via Android or iPhone OS.

Recommendations Fenix 2 is suitable for everyone who loves to get active and count what they have burned through all this activity. Fenix 2 is a great way to become fit and healthy. Nonetheless, the recommendations for this product are to make its font more readable and the colors more distinguishable. There are some issues with profiles and lessening it with settings that really make sense. Some people are also disturbed with the red backlight compared to the other Garmin watches released in the market. Aside from these issues, the Fenix 2 works great on people who love outdoor sports and swimming to burn and enjoy the outdoors.