Do Inversion Tables Really Work?

Do Inversion Tables Really Work?

What’s the deal with Inversion Tables exactly?

Many people are skeptical about inversion tables and whether they can use them to get the results they’re seeking. Believe it or not, they do work. In fact, they are recommended by some doctors and chiropractors as a safe and natural therapy for treating back pain and other health issues without resorting to the use of surgery or medication.

Many common health issues are caused by the constant strain of gravity on your body. Gravity compresses your spine, pulls against your muscles, and makes it harder for blood and oxygen to flow. The best way to treat the resulting problems is to use the force of gravity in the opposite direction to counteract all of the negative effects it has on our body throughout the day.

The use of inversion tables can help treat a number of issues, but the most common use is alleviating back pain. Unlike medication, inversion tables can actually treat the issue at the source, and not just the symptoms. They are also much safer to use as there are no dangerous side effects like you can get from medications and risky surgeries. As such, they have become a popular form of treatment for back pain suffers looking to end the pain that traditional medicine cannot provide.

In 1964, F. Sheffield did a study using inversion therapy on 175 individuals who had back pain so severe that they were unable to work or function normally. After a series of treatments, 155 of the participants experienced a decrease in pain so significant that they were able to return to work. These results were corroborated in a study done by H. Vernon in 1985, which showed that there was a significant reduction in pain after only 3 minutes of using an inversion table.

These are just 2 examples of a number of studies that have been done, each showing a significant decrease in the pain of the participants who consistently suffered no ill effects as a result of using inversion tables.

While inversion tables are generally used in back treatments, there are other benefits of regular use. They also help you strengthen your ligaments and improve flexibility. If you perform certain exercises when using inversion tables, you can also increase your general fitness in the hopes of further reducing pain in the future.

With frequent use, you will also find that they improve your strength, balance, and orientation. Because the use of inversion tables improves the circulation of oxygen to your brain and relaxes tensed muscles, inversion therapy can even help reduce your stress levels and assist in relaxation.

While inversion tables are safe, there are certain situations where you should check with your doctor before using one. You can check out some inversion table reviews here to see which are the safest and make the most sense for your particular needs. The use of inversion tables is not recommended for those who are pregnant, have blood pressure problems, heart disease, or suffer from eye diseases.

If you have recently undergone back surgery or suffer from acid reflux, consult a physician before making use of inversion tables. Everyone should have someone else around the first time that they use an inversion table in case they need assistance or suffer from previously unknown health issues.

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