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Calories – How Does it work?


A calorie is a unit of heat that represents the amount of energy you gain from the intake of the respective food; this is a very general definition we all have made.

Technically calorie means the amount of energy it takes to bring 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius, but let’s just now focus on the core of calories in terms of fitness.

So, you just bought a fitness tracker and want to know how you can interpret the data it has tracked. Then let’s dive deep in to it.

Every fitness tracker will track calories in one way or the other. Some will track it with the help of heart rate monitors while some will track it without them. At the end of the day they are tracking it and most of them give pretty accurate results. read more

know the taxonomy of your treadmill

Treadmill Cardio

Treadmills are made of several moving parts. These parts are designed to work in harmony offering you a comfortable and effective workout machine. The treadmill primarily is composed of an electronically controlled conveyer belt. The belt, on which your feet come in contact with, is designed to move backwards. This therefore necessitated the need for the treadmill user to keep running forward in order to stay on the belt. In case the belt moves faster, then the user runs faster to stay on the belt. read more

Garmin Fenix 2: The Qualities of the Best Training Watch

Best Training Watch

Using the ideal watch to cater to your fitness schedule is the best thing that an athlete can have. Finally, experts have manufactured a watch that you can use for any activity that you are into. Fenix 2 by Garmin offers the flexibility and quality of training with advanced devices. Choose from their high-sensitivity GPS tracking features and recovery advisor. You can always stay in-touch even while you are testing your training grounds. Garmin Fenix 2 is really what you can use for switching from one activity to another. read more

How to lose weight in 30 days

The infinite times we were imagining how we are doing our Favorite online weight loss programs, we have chosen from some site while surfing for the best way to attain weight loss. We saved bookmark, made a copy, glued pages on the walls in the dining room and, tried a few days to follow it and even succeeded to track it somehow to the end. But, nothing. We even got more fat on cheeks.

If there would be something to follow like blind, something to do just to show us how much we can endure to catch all reasons because we fail so we can expect them with the solution to avoid all kinds of disturbances, especially those on psychological basis. Some weight loss plan that tells you, “do exactly that and that and you will get this”,the program, 2+2 equals four. This article is something like that, more like add +1 thirty times, to get a weight loss miracle in one month divided in challenging 30 days.
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