Best Free Apps for Runners

Apps for Runners
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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2017)

It is undeniable that every aspect of our lives has been affected by technology. Running is not a new sport and currently, cutting-edge devices and programs have been invented with the aim of improving the running experience. One top technological innovation that has transformed the way we run by making more enjoyable is the mobile app invention. There is an app for just about anything. It is therefore not a surprise that there is a long list of apps geared towards running. Discussed in this article are 8 apps for runners which are also free. Lace up your favorite pair of running shoes and embrace a new way to burn the calories.

Run with Map My Run

This little app has everything you need. It can calculate the distance covered, pace, as well as calories burned coupled with GPS tracking. The app also monitors your diet, weight, and also helps you compete on other local courses. Besides tracking your running, it can also track 600 more activities.

Nike + Running

Nike is a major player in the fitness industry across the globe and they too have come up with an awesome app for runners. This app is ideal for tracking progress towards your fitness goals, competitive challenges, and helping you stay motivated.

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Charity Footprints

If you are looking for new and exciting ways to stay motivated and getting moving, why not try charity running events? Charity Footprints app makes it easy for you to turn your run into charity. With the app, you can easily set your goal, select a charity, find sponsors, and get going. If you cannot find other runners to join in on your cause, then you can sponsor yourself. This way, you will also be contributing to your favorite charity while getting your heart pumping.

First Aid by American Red Cross

Physical activities can bring about injuries which is why you need to be prepared. You don’t have to pay for the first aid lessons. This app is free to use and all the content is preloaded so it will not cost you extra data to refer to the information you need.

5k Runner: 0 to 5K Run Training

Every runner starts from somewhere. Even if you have never slipped on a pair of running shoes, you can still run your way to your first 5k. This app is designed to take you through 8 weeks training program, with each session lasting for 30 minutes and three days a week. Before you even know it, you will be already tuned to the 5k run.

Rock My Run

Keep your favorite tunes playing. The app offer a variety of playlists you could ever have in mind. Not only does the app allow you to choose the tunes by genre, user can also search for playlists based on beats per minute or length.

Strava Running and Cycling-GPS Run and Ride Tracker

This app will help you find more route within your area where you can enjoy your run and cycling. The app has a social feature where users can create a community of runners, follow friends, climb the leaderboards, as well as finding the loved by runners in your area.

Stretch and Run

When your mind is set on running, you can easily forget that there is more to running than just pounding the ground. You need to stretch and this app is designed to help you with effective stretches needed before and after the 5k run t tune your body to the work ahead.

Now that you have 8 app that promise to transform your running sessions, what are you waiting for?