How to Burn Calories Quickly

A calorie is a metric unit of energy now used to refer to energy that we get from food.

Every activity we do, from conscious actions like walking or talking, to unconscious actions like breathing and our hearts beating, are all powered mainly by calories.

So why all the fuss about calories? When we burn less calories than we actually have in our body, the unspent energy gets stored up as fat. For those who want to lose weight, this means that one either has to eat less calories than what their body burns up or exercise more to make sure more calories are burned.

Here are some ways to help you burn calories faster.


Exercise teamed with your daily activities should help you burn your calories faster. Aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging, cycling, jump rope boxing and dancing will burn calories faster than you would any other time of the day and its effects would persist even later on.

Cardio exercises like the ones mentioned above, are even better paired with strength and weight training. Muscle exercises also help burn calories faster, more than other body tissues.

Exercise need not be restricted to visits to the gym. Gardening, taking the stairs and doing the chores will all contribute with both cardio exercises and weight training.

Spread Out Your Meals

Instead of eating three big meals in a day, spread out your meals into six smaller-sized portions. Not only will this help with your blood sugar levels, but it will also help your body burn the calories that come with the meals more efficiently.

Improve Your After-Meal Burn

After meal burn is the term used for the calorie burn your body produces right after you eat. The after meal burn can take up at least 200 calories per meal. If improved upon, your after meal burn can even burn more calories.

To encourage a bigger after meal burn, eat more vegetables and lay off the meat and dairy products. Studies have shown that fibrous fruit, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and low-fat meat generate a bigger after meal burn.

Vegetarians in fact have been shown to have a bigger after meal burn than their normal meat-eating counterparts.

Don’t Starve Yourself

Metabolism is a key element in burning calories. A fast metabolism means that your body burns up calories faster. Starving yourself or eating less calories than you should slows down your metabolism and signals to your brain to store up more fat to survive. Eat smartly and moderately, and you’ll be fine.

A combination of exercise, spreading out your meals and improving your after meal burn will give you an edge against those who wish to lose weight. You don’t need to resort to fad diets or eating disorders after this!

How to Get Great Legs

Are you dreaming of having great legs you can show off come summer time? well, dream no more. Here are some easy ways to make your legs beach ready for the summer time.

Leg Exercises

Apart from keeping your legs toned and healthy, leg exercises also prevent cellulite and varicose veins.


This exercise tones your thighs, hips and buttocks.
With arms stretched forward and feet slightly apart, bend your knees as if you’re about to sit on a chair. Do 3-5 sets of this exercise every day with each set having 10-15 squats.

Leg lunges strengthen your upper leg muscles. Be sure to perform this exercise with the correct body positions.
Stand straight and take a big step forward. Bring one knee to the floor, like you’re genuflecting. Make sure to keep the other knee at a 90° angle. Don’t lean forward. Keep your back straight. Push up slowly. Repeat this 10 times for each leg. 1 set would be 20 lunges for both legs. Do 3-5sets regularly.

Run or Jog                                                                                                                                                                                   Running is a great work out not only for your legs, but for your whole body. It burns fat and improves your circulatory system.
Find a good place to run and run for at least half an hour 3-5 times a week.

Make sure to wear the proper running shoes to avoid unnecessary stress on your feet.

Brisk walking

If you don’t like jogging, brisk walking is the next best exercise you can do.
Keep your back erect and walk in a straight line. Avoid swaying your hips as this weakens your movements.

Eat Healthy.

Have your daily intake of vegetables and fruits. They will keep your body healthy.
Drink plenty of water to remove toxins in your body.

Take vitamin E supplements to have healthier skin.

Leg grooming

Remove unwanted hairs. Shave your legs regularly. If you don’t like shaving, you may also use tweezers to pull the hairs out, but this may take a lot of time. There are various hair removal creams and lotions on the market. These will get the job done faster and without the hassles of shaving.

Exfoliate. Dead skin makes your legs look dull and ugly. Use exfoliating scrubs and creams to improve flaky skin.

Moisturize. Apply lotion liberally every day to prevent dry skin.

Avoid wearing skinny jeans and other tight bottoms. Tight pants will impede the blood circulation in your legs, leading to varicose veins.

Wear flats. To reduce unnecessary stress on your legs and feet, try to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes often.

Rest your legs. After a long day’s work, rest your legs by propping them up on a pillow or a wall. Your legs should be positioned at least 30- 45 ° above heart level. This will improve blood circulation and prevent varicose veins.

Having great legs is very easy. Show off those beautiful legs and keep them looking healthy all the time.

How to Follow a Macrobiotic Diet

Not only is dieting a great way to lose weight, it is also a great way of improving your health and well-being. Food, and how food is prepared, can have a very significant effect on the way you live. A macrobiotic diet is more than just a health craze; for many adherents, it is a lifestyle choice that can improve the way you eat, and improve the way you live.

What is a Macrobiotic Diet?

Doctors in the ancient world, including Hippocrates of Greece and Galen of the Roman Empire, believe that eating natural foods improve one’s health.

The word “macrobiotics” (from the Greek words macro and bios, meaning “long life”) was first introduced in antiquity to describe a lifestyle that involved a balanced diet to prolong life and to help sustain physical activity.

Macrobiotic diets were developed and advocated in Japan as part of healthy living, and were considered a key to longevity and good health.

The macrobiotic diet revolves around three principles:

Whole Foods

Processed foods tend to have a lot of chemicals and ingredients that are not only difficult to pronounce, but they can also cause long-term health problems like obesity, indigestion, and disrupting the delicate balance found in the human body.

The key to planning a macrobiotic diet is balance.

Some of the common foodstuffs eaten in a macrobiotic diet include the following:

Whole grains like unpolished brown rice and buckwheat noodles are an essential part of the macrobiotic diet. Polished and processed grains lose a lot of nutrients found in the bran, which can help improve digestion and prolong a person’s lifespan.

Vegetables and fruits. The macrobiotic diet incorporates a variety of cooked and raw fruits and vegetables. The bounty of the Earth provides the body with many nourishing substances that can help prevent disease, as well as make people feel good.

Legumes. Beans and pulses are a favored component of macrobiotic diets. Like whole grains, legumes contain a lot of proteins that more than make up for the spare quantities of red meat consumed by people on a macrobiotic diet.

Natural processed foods. Soybeans are popular in macrobiotic diets because of the many nutrients found in them, which can be further supplemented by other foods. Miso, tofu, and other naturally processed soy products form part of the foodstuffs that are an essential part of Japanese-inspired macrobiotics.

Other foods. Seaweed, fish, shellfish, and tea are consumed in moderate amounts.


An essential component of macrobiotics is digestion. By chewing your food properly and as finely as possible before swallowing, you can help your body extract nutrients, amino acids, and enzymes in the food you’re eating. Chewing also helps aid digestion by processing the foods naturally before they reach the stomach and the intestines.

Like any diet, you need to consult your physician first with regard to possibilities of food allergies, or if your doctor does not recommend the macrobiotic diet for you. Coupled with clean living and exercise, you can get started on healthy living thanks to the macrobiotic diet.

How To Lose Belly Fat

Sure, you may find Homer Simpson hilarious, but there’s nothing funny about the belly fat that he is oh-so-famous for. That extra fat in your belly is not only unsightly—it’s also very unhealthy.

Belly fat has the ability to slow down your metabolism and put you at a greater risk for illnesses such diabetes, cancer and other heart problems. If you want to live a healthy life and banish that belly fat, just follow these simple tips:

Say No to Fatty Foods

Temptation may lurk in every corner but the only way for you to shed that irritating belly fat is to stay off unhealthy foods. Avoid red meat at all cost. Instead, try to eat low-fats meats such as chicken and turkey breast but avoid eating the skin part. Try fish products since they are pretty healthy too.

Anything fried can be disastrous to your diet. Also try to stay away from pasta dishes with high fat sauces and too much butter. Vegetables are perfect for those who’d like to trim their weight but be wary of salad dressing that are loaded with fat. Choose your dressing very carefully and buy only the low-fat types or try to skip them at all.

Stay away from processed food and go natural. This means eating the right kind of carbohydrates such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Finally, don’t allow yourself to get hungry. Most people tend to make poor decisions when they get hungry and overindulge in the process.

A slower metabolism paired with lots of extra, low-quality calories can greatly increase your body fat levels. To prevent yourself from getting hungry, you should:

Eat in small portions every two to three hours.

Make sure you have protein in your diet.

Go veggies and include other high-fiber foods such as beans and other whole grain foods.

Exercise the Right Way

Doing cardio activities at least five days a week for half an hour will do wonders to your health. Brisk walk or jog with a friend and make a commitment to do these exercises on a regular basis.

You may also try other belly-busting activities such as swimming and other team sports like basketball or soccer.

Serious lap swimming done at a regular pace will hep your cause. Swimming is also an excellent activity for those who’d like to tone their bodies. Team sports meanwhile let you sweat for hours while you enjoy the games you play.

Another alternative exercise is pilates yoga since it specifically targets your belly fat. If done properly and regularly, it will firm up your underlying stomach muscles, producing a flat belly. It is also known to reduce stress.

Try to exercise first thing in the morning before you start breakfast to force your body to tap into its fat stores much sooner than if you work out after munching on your usual bacon and eggs.

Working out before having breakfast is proven to be effective especially among body builders, models and fitness contestants.

Load up on Water

Drink eight to 10 glasses of water everyday. By sticking to this habit, you’ll be able to boost your metabolism and control your hunger much better. You can also try try seltzer or mineral water added with some lime or lemon juice. Another alternative is green tea since it has high levels of certain fat-burning chemicals.

Green tea should be consumed before working out to produce only the best results.

Follow these tips and see amazing results within a few weeks. As long as you have the patience and dedication, you can lose that belly fat and gain more motivation and encouragement to face the day ahead.

How to Follow the Atkins Diet

Dieting is not just a fad; for many people, it is a lifestyle choice that can make their lives better and help them make better nutritional decisions.

With many dieting choices available, it becomes very important to get to know what diet best fits your fitness and weight loss goals, while at the same time making sure your body gets adequate nutrition. The Atkins diet is a nutritional and dietary approach that can help you lose fat, improve your metabolism, and help you feel better about yourself.


In the 1970s, Dr. Robert Atkins developed a diet program called the Atkins Nutritional Approach that restricts the consumption of refined carbohydrates to provide the body with an advantage in metabolism. Instead of burning sugars like glucose found in carbohydrates, a body sustained by the Atkins diet burns stored fats, which leads to weight loss.

While the diet is controversial and many scientists and diet experts disagree on the efficacy of the diet, many people still subscribe to it as a viable choice among many diets already marketed to people who want to live a healthier lifestyle.


Like many diets, the Atkins diet is divided into phases to allow the body to cope with a shift in diet plans.

The phases of the Atkins diet allows the body to anticipate changes in what nourishes it, and it also prepares you for a long-term commitment to the high-protein, low-carbohydrate plan:

Induction phase.

The Atkins diet begins with a two-week preparation that limits the amount of refined carbohydrates consumed by the body.

The aim of the induction phase is to prepare the body to enter ketosis, which increases ketone bodies in the bloodstream. Ketosis is the primary function that allows the body to lose weight.

Ongoing weight loss phase.

Ongoing weight loss is all about maintaining a balance between carbohydrate and protein intake. Calories taken from carbohydrate sources are managed and regulated until such time that the person under the diet can strike a balance between low carbohydrate intake and higher levels of protein.

Pre-maintenance phase.

For the Atkins diet to work, you need to find a recommended diet plan recommended in Dr. Atkins’ outline to fit your lifestyle and your choices of recommended foods that you want to include in your diet.

Maintenance phase.

After finding an appropriate configuration of the Atkins diet that you and your doctor can agree on, you can now maintain the diet for as long as it takes for you to maintain your weight loss goals. The phases of the Atkins diet are described in Dr. Atkins’ books and reference guides, which you can buy from the bookstore or borrow from the library.

Before embarking on a new diet plan, you should consult your doctor for possible side effects and illnesses that you may get if your body has an aversion to the foods and servings prescribed by the Atkins diet.

With these steps, you can help yourself lose more weight and have a healthier lifestyle thanks to one of the world’s most popular diet plans.

How to Gain Muscle

Different dietary supplements, pills and drinks may promise you to grow muscles in a fast rate, but don’t be fooled:

These aren’t the answer! Gaining muscle is not instant and requires a lot of hard work and dedication, with a bit of dietary help along the way.

Here’s how.


Sounds surprising? Building muscle doesn’t mean burning fat–that only makes you skinnier. To build muscle, you actually have to eat more calories than you burn.

The crucial point in this step is to eat the correct kind of food that contains the desired calories without the saturated fat, with moderated carbohydrates and lots of protein, which include:

  • Granola
  • Biscuits
  • Whole-wheat bagels
  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Corn
  • Meat
  • Peanut butter
  • Nuts
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Beans
  • Crackers and dip
  • Meal replacement shakes

Lifting Weights

Here comes the hallmark of gaining muscle: Lifting weights. Like any proper exercise, you should not jump into the deep end at the start. Start from the basic exercise of lifting weights.

Do a proper warm up and cool down. Remember to keep to a proper form. For starters, your weight lifting exercises should include the following:

-Smith squats
-Push ups
-Smith lunges
-Bent over row
-Upright row
-One-legged squat
-Tricep dips
-Calf raises
-Bicep curls

Again, don’t overdo it. A rule of thumb when choosing the appropriate weights for your exercise is to lift the heaviest you can that you can complete for around six to eight repetitions per exercise.

Even if the last repetitions is hard, it should be doable. You should also allow a longer recovery time between sets. Other things you should do are:

Have a spotter or workout buddy to make sure you don’t fall into any injuries.

Commit to doing cardio at least two to three times a week for your heart maintenance.

Allow recovery days between your workouts.

Have a full body program with the exercises mentioned earlier and follow it for two to three weeks before progressing onto the heavier stuff.

Forced Repetitions

Forced repetitions are a challenge for you to do two to three more repetitions of your weight lifting than what you are used to. Remember, when doing forced repetitions, your buddy should be there to help finish these added repetitions.

Only do this after two weeks to a month of doing the weight exercise, and don’t add any additional weight in this period. Forced repetitions optimize the stress on your muscles, burns more fat and most importantly, builds your muscle even further.

How to Follow a Gluten-Free Diet

Coeliac disease or Celiac disease is a disorder makes the person unable to ingest gliatin, a gluten protein found in wheat. People who suffer from Celiac disease are disallowed from eating food that contain gluten or wheat-based products. People with wheat allergies are also encouraged to follow a gluten-free diet. While a gluten-free diet may seem like an impossibility to many people, it can be a reality by just being observant and choosing what you eat.

Here’s how.

Avoid These Ingredients

Look at the nutrition label at the back of each product. Celiac disease sufferers typically cannot ingest barley, wheat, rye and there is still an ongoing debate about the acceptability of oats in the gluten-free diet. If you see these ingredients, along with some more to be mentioned, automatically remove them off your list.

  • Matzoh
  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Barley
  • Durum
  • Breading
  • Wheat gluten
  • Wheat starch
  • Malt
  • Soy sauce
  • Graham flour
  • Couscous
  • Semolina
  • Spelt
  • Bran
  • Kamut
  • Farina
  • Bulgar
  • Modified food starch
  • Hydrolyzed vegetables and plant protein
  • Artificial flavor and coloring
  • Natural flavoring
  • Maltdextrings
  • Dextrins
  • MSG
  • Mono
  • DiglyceridesFood That Can Be Included

A gluten-free diet is also followed by health buffs for a reason. It forces you to be more discerning in your food choices. Here are some of the acceptable food items and ingredients for your gluten-free diet:

  • All vegetables
  • All fruits
  • All meats
  • All poultry
  • All fish
  • All eggs
  • Corn
  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Rice
  • Soy
  • Amaranth
  • Pure buckwheat
  • Bean flour
  • Baked goods, pastries, pasta and bread can be made from acceptable gluten-free ingredients too. meaning you won’t miss out on many favorite food items.

There are gluten-free specialty shops as the awareness of Celiac disease arises. These specialty food are typically available in the supermarkets as well.
Going online is also a great way for Celiac disease sufferers to swap recipe ideas and sources for specific ingredients. There’s a wide online community out there just waiting for them.

7 New Weight Loss Supplements

As the new medicines are launched day by day to get weight loss but some people also think that some supplements may also aid you during struggle for weight loss. But in case you got a chance to visit any health care store you will be overwhelmed after looking at the stuff.

But there are natural supplements which can facilitate you and are very much helping because of the natural composition they possess.

1.Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA:

hydroxy citrate supplementIt is a salt which is derived from after drying a fruit and getting rind of the particularly the plants among them the Garcinia Cambodia and brindal berry are the most common.

Traditionally the HCA was used to treat stomach problems and for joint treatment as well. It is sold under the trade names such as brindle berry or brindal berry, HCA and garcinia and is also one of the primary ingredient in your diet product such a Citrin, Citrilite, Bio-Max 3000, phyrti-Max and Garcinia.

Researches have reported that HCA is very helpful in reducing fats by absorption, help in increasing fat metabolism, appetite inhibition, and also helpful in lowering the level of cholesterol.




2. Chitosan is originally a fiber that is originated from chitin

It is itself a major component pf the shells or exoskeletons of organisms like crustaceans and insects. It is recommended by the wholistic practitioners in lowering your cholesterol level, additionally it is also known as dietary fiber which may help in reducing your body’s fat and also reduce the absorption of daily fats.


3.Whey protein

It is known for many years as a protein which is helpful in building muscles. But it is now proved that the whey protein help in suppressing appetite and thus help you to eat less than normal. It is obtained from whey of milk and is among the easily digestible proteins.

It is mostly comprised of the common amino acid known as cysteine. It has dual functions as it helps in building muscles and in response also helps in weight loss by losing fats.


4.Beta Glucan

It is a concentrated and soluble fiber easily derived from yeasts, algae and mushrooms. It is normally available in many forms but all forms are known to reduce the cholesterol level and also help in weight loss and additionally also known to have effects in controlling diabetes.



5. Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA

It is reported that healthy fats and omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for all kinds of things which may lead from heart health to brain health. Among the CLA is also known to have weight loss effects and also aid against cancer. CLA can be easily found in dairy products and beef. If you are vegan or vegetarian you will be at minimum risk of getting fat.

Although CLA enriched dairy products are also available but you have to rely on the supplements containing the CLA which are normally derived from sunflower. It is the most popular supplement which help you in getting rid of the extra fat on your body.


It is derived from konjac an Asian plant. It is a fiber which is very much effective for diabetes and in controlling blood sugar level to normal and have additional properties which help in weight loss. Traditionally it was an important food source in terms of baked, dried and in candy.

It is known to absorb water inside digestive tract and hence help in the reduction of carbohydrates and fats and researchers consider it as a diabetic control. In addition to all these uses it was also employed over the skin.

8.Mango Seed Fiber

Seeds obtained from the seeds of an African special mango tree is known as the traditional remedy for weight loss in Africa. It can be employed either alone or in combination with some other daily used dietary products.


The Shepherd’s Diet – my HONEST Review!

Get a real review of The Shepherd’s Diet

If you are looking for a diet that can help you lose weight, you might have seen an advertisement for the Shepherd’s Diet. Since its foundation, it has been gaining in popularity on the internet in both negative and positive contexts. Since there are undoubtedly heated opinions intertwined with how effective the diet is, this review will take a step back and only look at the facts behind this new diet and how they connect with reality.

Those who are looking to become healthier should be open minded in their approach, allowing their prior convictions and beliefs about health to be thrown out if there is a better way of being healthy. That being said, let’s break down how the Shepherd’s Diet works. You might love the ideas; you may hate them, but they are, nevertheless, becoming more popular as time goes by.

What is the Shepherd’s Diet?

The Shepherd’s Diet is a specially crafted diet regimen that follows principals described in the Bible. Regardless of what your specific religious beliefs are, if you have a passion for the Bible and its teachings you will be excited to hear that there is now a diet that is based on the eating principles outlaid in the Bible.

Anybody who has read the Bible knows that it can be hard to research the diet regimens in the Old Testament, and specifically, what figures like Moses and Jesus might have to say about the proper diet.

What you receive when you purchase the Shepherd’s Diet

  • 5 eBooks
  • The Shepherd’s Diet
  • What Jesus Would Eat: Grocery Field Guide
  • “The Moses Secret” Fat Loss Protocol
  • Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide
  • Fat Burning Furnace Nutrients report
  • Instant delivery
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

The Shepherd’s Diet eBook

Not to be confused with a recipe book, this eBook describes how the diet can lead to weight loss with 7 easy-to-follow steps. This is the first eBook in the Shepherd’s Diet series and will assist you in getting started with the diet. In short, the diet is a high-fat Mediterranean diet with 7 steps that make up the diet. These steps are as follows:

  • Developing a Shepherd’s Diet mindset
  • Freeing yourself from an addiction to sugar
  • Getting started on the ideal you
  • Resting and eating right
  • Resisting temptation
  • Claiming it
  • Maintaining your strength and dignity for a lifetime

Of course, much more information is presented in the eBook and is reserved for people who purchase it. If you are already familiar with the Biblical diet described in the Old Testament, you might not garner much besides motivation and inspiration to eat as the Bible commands, from this book. If you want to learn more about the Biblical diet in easy-to-read modern language, then this will prove to be an excellent place to start.

What Jesus Would Eat: Grocery Field Guide eBook

This is another eBook that you will receive with the program. Since there is no specific diet plan left behind by Jesus, author Kristina Wilds uses the best information we have to create a field guide to what you should be eating to have a diet that best resembles what Jesus ate. This is one of the four bonus e-books that will provide more insight into how the diet works and more support to understanding the food you should eat. The foods described in this book were available both now and in the times of Jesus.

“The Moses Secret” Fat Loss Protocol eBook

Moses is widely credited as the author of Leviticus, where the dietary law was first described. This eBook stresses more on what author Kristina Wilds believes—that fasting is a both a spiritual practice and critical for accelerating the weight-loss process. As the story in the Bible goes, Moses fasted and didn’t drink water for 40 days and nights while preparing the 10 Commandments. This book will guide you through the basics of properly fasting as a means to lose weight. And no, you won’t have to fast for 40 days and nights.

Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide

Mind over matter is a necessary component of succeeding with this diet. This bonus eBook helps you deal with the stress and negative mental side effects that come with switching your diet plan. Many people will react to stress by reverting to overeating again, which is where this eBook might come in handy. Prayer might be a powerful guide to relieving some of the stresses that come with a diet, and this eBook will help you through these aspects of stress relief.

Fat Burning Furnace Nutrients Report

The last bonus eBook in the Shepherd’s Diet series contains all of the popularly used ingredients which it claims will help start the body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms. While you are practicing the Shepherd’s Diet, passionate users will find themselves constantly referencing this book to ensure that they eat the right nutrients. This book isn’t as long as some of the others, but it is focused more on the exact nutrients; it contains more informational content per page than some of the other eBooks in the Shepherd’s Diet package.

Instant delivery and 60-day money-back guarantee

Perhaps the best feature of the Shepherd’s Diet is that as soon as the order is placed you will digitally receive your eBooks so that you can start diving into the content right away. The beauty of the internet is that it allows you to receive certain products without a shipping and handling waiting periods.
Secondly, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can rest assured knowing that there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Since many people might be skeptical about whether or not they even need these eBooks to follow dietary law described the Bible, this is your safety net. If you ever feel that the content doesn’t match your expectations and you are dissatisfied with the product, you can always get your money back. This is a sign of a company that wants to hold true to their convictions that the product does, in fact, work.

Are the eBooks helpful?

There has been a wave of negative criticism and critiques of this programs, saying that it is overpriced, copied, and so on. However, it is important to note that all of eBooks are original pieces of work crafted by Christian author Kristina Wilds. Although many of these ideas have been around since Biblical times, Wilds provides a fresh and modern approach to the ideas presented by intellectuals and followers of Biblical teachings. In short, some people will benefit greatly from this program, and others might find that it doesn’t provide them with any sort of new or useful information.

If you are an expert on the Bible and well-versed in the proper diet procedures described in it, you will probably not want to purchase these eBooks. However, if you are open-minded and want to hear these ideas presented in easy-to-read language, you might be surprised to see that there is plenty of helpful content.


  • 60-day money-back guarantee allows people who simply want to see the content a means of doing so without committing to the purchase
  • Old ideas presented with a modern twist and fresh language
  • Affordable for anybody serious about investing in a diet regimen
  • Written by a personal trainer, which means that she practices what she preaches


  • Commonly described in a negative light by reviewers
  • There is no further support outside of the eBooks


There are many different diet plans that can help you lose weight. If you prefer to follow the teachings of the Bible, this might be a great diet for you to consider. This diet is for anybody who needs assistance with weight management, but it should not be considered a one-stop solution for all of your health needs. If you are considering purchasing the Shepherd’s Diet, you will receive a series of 5 eBooks.

In any case, you should check with your doctor to confirm that this is a good diet for your own personal needs. This will ensure that there won’t be any negative side effects that result from following this diet. However, if you keep in mind that all of the ideas presented in these eBooks are adapted from the Bible, you might decide to bypass this product altogether and just re-read the dietary law as described in the Old Testament.

21-Day Sugar Detox Review

The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide

The 21-Day Sugar Detox is designed for anybody who wants to stop eating sugar. There are many reasons that you might decide to do this: weight loss, health conditions, the betterment of health in general, or a personal circumstance.

However, at the end of the day, sugar is a nutrient that is a luxury, and not a necessary part of any sort of diet. For this reason, many people have started to take notice of the 21-Day Sugar Detox eBook and program designed by certified nutrition consultant Diane Sanfilippo.

If you want to start eating a sugar-free diet but are not quite sure about what food you should eat, you might greatly benefit from trying this program. This is also a great option for anybody who doesn’t think they could be able to handle breaking their sugar addiction.

With several resources that provide support throughout the process, from beginning to end, anybody who is serious about trying a sugar detox will have all of the tools necessary to successfully complete this program and stop eating sugar.

What is the 21-Day Sugar Detox

The 21-Day Sugar Detox program is much more than a motivational program to help you when you realize that you can stop consuming sugar. It is an all-inclusive package including recipes, eBooks, daily e-mail support, and an online community of like-minded people.

Anybody who is taking the first step among a group of friends to try out this sort of eating habit will benefit from not only having the tools and resources to detox yourself from sugar but also a consistent amount of support from other people who want to make the same dietary choices as you.

Of course, it doesn’t take a premium eBook complete with recipes for you to do a 21-day sugar detox. In fact, you can always try doing this on your own without having to purchase any of the packages. However, you might be surprised at how difficult it is on your mind to suddenly stop eating sugar after a lifetime of daily consumption.

As stated, this is a program that is best reserved for people who want the support and resources to do this.

Three packages

Outside of the eBook that is already available on Amazon (, there are also packages available on Diane’s website which provide extra assistance to anybody who wants to try out the 21-Day Sugar Detox.

You can decide to simply purchase the eBook if you want to get a taste of what you would receive with any of these packages. Since the website provides a special Plus Package which provides the 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook instead of the 21-Day Sugar Detox book, those who decide to first purchase Diane’s book before considering the online packages won’t have to pay extra.

The Basic Package

The Basic Package comes with everything that you would receive after paying $20-40 dollars more, minus the physical books. This package is best for anybody who would prefer to order the 21-Day Sugar Detox eBook, or simply bypass purchasing it altogether. This is the most affordable option for anybody to consider if they want solely online resources.

The Quick Start Guide is a simple eBook which will guide you on the basic components necessary to begin the sugar detox diet today. It also comes with a modification guide, which can be personally selected based on your personal needs. There are modification guides for athletes, new moms, pescetarians, and more.

If you have a special need that you would like to have an accommodation for before you purchase a package, make sure to check out the website and see if one is already prepared. If needed, most people should be able to find a modification guide to suit their personal needs.

The Plus Package

The Plus Package comes with everything that the basic package comes with. Of course, it wouldn’t be worth the extra money if there wasn’t an added perk. It also comes with a physical color copy of the 21-Day Sugar Detox, which pays for itself if you consider the price of the book itself. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping, allowing customers some leverage if they find themselves dissatisfied with the program or its results.

The Premium Package

For an extra $20, you can purchase the Premium Package, which comes with everything that all lesser packages come with, and one more book for your collection. The extra book in this package is a cookbook which comes with over 100 recipes to add on to the 90 recipes that are already in the book available in the Plus Package.

MP3 audio support series

The MP3 audio support series is a collection of 23 MP3 recording that are 15-20 minutes in length. The idea is that you listen to one each day of the program. Since there are 23 recordings, there is one to listen to the day before you start the program and one that you listen to the day you are done. These audio recordings give you a snapshot of what you should expect for each day of the program and are an excellent way to keep yourself motivated.
Daily detox emails

In addition to providing a daily audio recording to assist you with your detox, you will also receive a daily e-mail message. These short emails provide an array of resources, including recipes, tips, and extra motivation for anybody who might otherwise consider cheating on their diet. These emails are an added bonus that will provide you with a more personal experience during the


Online member support forum

No matter what your personal circumstance is, it can sometimes help to talk to other people who are going through the same experience. That is where this resource comes in handy. In addition to receiving daily messages in the form of emails and MP3 recordings, you are also free to participate in an online community for any extra assistance that you may require. The online forum is led by a team of expert moderators and consists of average people like you who simply want to cut sugar from their diet.

Free online recipes

In addition to the premium recipe and diet plans provided in Diane’s books, you can also explore some more free recipes that are available online. Most of these recipes are not created by a representative of the 21-Day Sugar Detox program and usually link out to other websites, like a recipe for Cilantro Lime Chicken that can be found by navigating the 21-Day Sugar Detox website, or simply using Google. Considering that the premium programs come with over 190 recipes, you might decide to incorporate the free and premium ones, or simply just use the free ones.


  • The program is created and overseen by a certified nutritional consultant
  • There are different packages that allow you to customize how much you want to spend. If you don’t want to purchase a package, you can simply purchase the main book
  • Daily MP3 messages and daily email messages.
  • Online community will provide extra support when necessary
  • Very reasonably priced considering the price of the book by itself


  • It is possible to spend 21 days sugar-free without purchasing a book or program
  • The Basic Package doesn’t provide too much assistance with recipes


There are two different steps in detoxing from sugar. First, you have to decide to do it. Second, you have to actually carry out your intention and stop eating sugar. Although each of the programs and books offered by this company provides you with motivation, assistance, recipes, and professionally crafted meal plans, you won’t complete the program without a certain sense of self-control and motivation.
Breaking yourself from a sugar-eating habit is much more difficult than you might imagine. This is why there are many people who choose to purchase this program. Whatever your reason for joining the program, if you are ready to eat a sugar-free diet and want some assistance, then this program is for you. If you are concerned that you won’t be able to complete the program and think this is a one-stop solution to eating sugar, then you might be disappointed when you realize that you are in charge of adhering to the diet.