Running Clothes for Women: Sports Bras

Sports Bras

When it comes to running, women have a vast variety of running clothes options to choose from. There are numerous factors that must be considered such as style, structure, fabric as well as a number of outdoor influences that include time of the day, weather and the running location. Whether you are a frequent jogger or a seasoned marathon runner, investing in the right running cloth is crucial for a great performance as well as success. This post will help you choose the right running clothes women must invest in. read more

What You Need To Do Your 5k Running


If you are new to running and trying to do the 0-5k you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the gear and the lingo that get thrown around by more experienced runners. You may start wondering if you really need everything that most experienced runners talk about or if it is okay to start off with the basics. This article will help you to understand what you need when you are getting started and what to add when tackling more miles.

Helpful running gear

There is much gear which is very helpful during running, and is very overwhelming. Below is a good breakdown of things that are helpful but not so necessary for the beginning runner. read more

Why Choose A Treadmill


Winter is beckoning. The chilly icy weather that keeps everyone and locked up in their houses. No more morning jogs as the roads are icy and slippery and the temperatures too do not favor your treasured routine. The result is that you will mostly likely miss the jog. This is the situation with most people during the winter season. Nobody moves out for their exercises. Nobody will commute to the gym. Some will even postpone their physical exercises till the end of the winter season. Fortunately, you will not have to do this next winter. Thanks to the treadmill, you can easily have your daily jog indoors and at a time convenient to you. read more

Running Is Free And You Can Do It Anywhere


Now days when appearance matters a lot, you want to see yourself happy apparently. You can dress well, buy new phones and can have luxury cars. But all this is expensive and temporary, so in an ideal situation you should have a cheap and permanent solution for that. Why not running? It is best for you to give your body ideal shape which will not only enhance your personality but will remain as long as you want.

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  • Running for beginners
  • Running for weight loss
  • Running tips

Running is a strategy for physical velocity permitting people and different creatures to move quickly by walking. A trademark highlight of a running body from the perspective of spring-mass mechanics is that progressions in motor and potential vitality inside of a step happen all the while, with vitality stockpiling fulfilled by springy tendons and latent muscle elasticity. read more

Jogging Tips For Beginners to Lose Weight


For many individuals, the exercise of jogging may be an excellent way start with exercise once you are out of form or need to slim. Even those that area unit in fine condition might want to require up jogging simply to extend their cardio and obtain get into the contemporary air. No matter your reasons could also be, jogging is a superb kind of exercise, however one that won’t quite as simple because it appearance. Before you throw on your trainers and head out the door, browse through this beginner’s guide a way to jog to slim down.
read more

Basic Running Equipment’s for Running Beginners

6 Must Have Running Equipment

If you’re just a running beginner, don’t be confused by terms like GPS, wicking or pronation. Catch everything you need – not what the shopkeeper wants to trade you – with our guide to important kit fundamentals. If you’ve been running for some time, you’ll perhaps own a type of most of these gears. But if you’re a trainee, this guideline should get you on the right path and help you relish years of safe, worthwhile running.

Running Shoes
All you actually require to get going is a decent pair of shoes. They don’t have to be luxurious, and they don’t have to have all sorts of fresh-fangled bells and toots, but don’t undervalue the significance of a good running shoe. Tennis shoes are not for you, and neither will those worn out running shoes you’ve used rarely for the last 6 years and have just recovered from the back of the cabin. You need new, well muffled shoes that apt well and equal to your foot type and pace. Running shoes are intended, for running, and as a newbie runner your forelegs and feet require all the guard they can get. Shoes are certainly the only part of gear you need to capitalize in, and while you don’t need to purchase the most luxurious pair in your local store, don’t squat-change yourself. Decent shoes are your Grade A shield against injury. read more

Treadmill Cardio Workouts for Beginners

Treadmill Cardio

While there’s nothing pretty like running outside, wild weather sometimes makes it terrible. For those rainy or stormy days, there’s the trustworthy treadmill. Whether you’re a newbie runner or have a little marathon under your belt, we’ve got a running training for you. From a run that imitates going up and down San Francisco Mountains to another that has you climbing a mountain, you’ll swear you’re in fact running outside.

I think beginners ought to begin on treadmills, as a result of it keeps time and pace for you. This makes recording progress simple, helps keep you impelled to travel little more and a little quicker, and makes it easy to travel simply somewhat more or quicker. If you are not a treadmill person, there are some apps, mensuration tape, watches, pedometers, and full websites dedicated to these things. I will propose going with low-cost or free till your prerequisites dictate otherwise. read more

4 Essential Marathon Running Tips

Marathon Running Tips

About 90 percent of all marathon runners run the second half of the marathon slower that on the first half. However, this is not a big deal. You are likely to get the best results if you pace yourself to ensure that you complete the second half of the marathon at the same pace that you started with. Below are four essential tips that help you pace yourself better during the marathon race.

1. Run several Marathons

A number of clinical studies have found pacing in running to be controlled by the subconscious part of the human brain. Throughout the marathon, a runner’s brain calculates the fastest pace the body can sustain without posing any health risks by using feelings of fatigue to lower the electrical output forwarded to your muscles consequently ensuring that you run at a comfortable and safe pace. The more experienced you are in marathon running, the more reliable the calculation by the brain will become. read more

Microsoft Band Review – Fitness Tracker

Microsoft Band Review

Microsoft Band Review - Fitness Tracker - Runnerist
Microsoft band is the first band from Microsoft. They have put a lot of effort in creating this band and have included a lot of stuff. It also works as a partial smart watch and a GPS unit. Microsoft has focused solely on fitness while designing this tracker, so you will be able to see features that will help you track your fitness in the best possible way.

Now let’s take a look at the features of the Microsoft band.
1. Tracks steps, calories and distance. It has a 3 axis accelerometer like most of the other fitness trackers out there to track the steps and distance flawlessly. read more

Calories – How Does it work?


A calorie is a unit of heat that represents the amount of energy you gain from the intake of the respective food; this is a very general definition we all have made.

Technically calorie means the amount of energy it takes to bring 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius, but let’s just now focus on the core of calories in terms of fitness.

So, you just bought a fitness tracker and want to know how you can interpret the data it has tracked. Then let’s dive deep in to it.

Every fitness tracker will track calories in one way or the other. Some will track it with the help of heart rate monitors while some will track it without them. At the end of the day they are tracking it and most of them give pretty accurate results. read more

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