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How to Include Protein Shakes into Your Diet for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

protien shakeProtein shakes aren’t just for bodybuilders and athletes; these highly popular dietary supplements can also help you lose weight according to medical experts and nutritionists. Protein can work wonders when it comes to weight loss which is why we see such a rise in their popularity. Protein can curb your appetite and give your metabolism the boost it needs for better fat burning results. By adding more protein to your diet with the help of protein shakes, you also get to build more muscle providing that you exercise regularly. So if you want to know how you can use protein powder as a weight-loss tool, here are a couple of tips and tricks that will help you do just that.

Replace your meal with a protein shake

A calorie-restricted diet, when paired with a good exercising program, is bound to give you great weight-loss results. One way you can restrict your daily calorie intake is by substituting one meal for a protein shake. One scoop of protein powder usually contains around 100 calories. Depending on whether you make your protein shakes with milk, juice, or water, your average protein shake should be no more than 300 calories which are far less than what an average meal contains. What this means is that you will probably be eating at least 200 calories less than usually when replacing one daily meal with a protein shake. All you have to do now is continue with your other meals as usual and make sure your portion sizes don’t change. Considering that protein was found in many studies to curb appetite, then this probably shouldn’t be a problem. However, make sure that your daily protein intake is within normal ranges as too much protein could harm your health.

Drink protein after exercising

Of course, it would be great if losing weight was as easy as drinking a few cups of protein shakes every day, but the truth is that you won’t see any results without a good exercise regimen. Exercising is an important component of weight-loss regimens because it burns energy and increases muscle metabolism. Studies show that taking just small amounts of protein after an exercise can significantly stimulate muscle growth while carbs prevent muscle loss through its effect on insulin levels (insulin inhibits muscle protein breakdown). Many people want to build more muscle while on a weight loss program which is understandable. However, did you know that by building more muscle you also get to burn fat more easily? Muscle tissue requires much more calories than fat does so by building more muscle you’ll be speeding up your metabolism.

Drink a protein shake before each meal

Another way that you could use protein powders for weight loss is by drinking a protein shake before one daily meal. The appetite-suppressing effect of protein will prevent you from overeating. But keep in mind that since you’ll already be getting enough protein from your drink that it would be a good idea to restrict or avoid eating foods high in protein such as meat, eggs, and dairy. Instead, eat a carbohydrate-rich meal with plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep your meals balanced. It’s always wise to eat a nutritiously-dense diet when trying to lose weight. Your body needs nutrients to work properly, and when restricting your calories, you need to make sure you are getting enough nutrients to avoid malnourishment. As far as the time of day you should be drinking your protein drink is concerned, it is best to avoid protein drinks before bedtime. An exception to this is casein protein powder as studies show that this is a slow-release type of protein that stimulates better muscle recovery at night.

Choose your protein wisely

The best source of protein is, of course, food. However, since we’re speaking of protein supplements here, you’re probably wondering what kind of protein powders are best for you. Well, according to an article published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, the best sources of protein are those of animal origin. This is because protein sources such as meat, dairy, and eggs contain all essential amino acids important for various metabolic processes. On the other hand, plant sources of protein usually lack some of the essential amino acids. Soy is an exception to this as studies show that soy’s amino acid value is equivalent to animal sources of protein. When it comes to protein powders specifically, you get to choose between whey, casein, soy, hemp, brown rice, and others. Body-builders and nutritionists usually agree that whey protein powders are the best regarding fat burning and muscle gaining. Whey protein contains high amounts of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that play an important role in tissue maintenance and that studies found prevented muscle loss during exercise. Also, make sure to purchase protein powders from reputable sellers and chose those with no added sugar or other nutritional supplements.

Choose water over milk

If you want to lose weight through calorie restriction, then it would be a good idea to mix your protein powder with water. Unfortunately, this also means your protein shake won’t be as tasty as when mixed with milk. If you choose flavored protein powders, make sure they don’t contain any sugar. If your protein shake still tastes bad, then you could substitute water with almond or oat milk and see if that works for you. Both milk substitutes contain few calories and give protein shakes a pleasant taste. Protein powders come in many forms and brands to choose from. Experiment with different products until you find your product of choice. Another way you can boost your weight loss is through weight-loss supplements such as Phentaslim for even better results.


Protein powders can do wonders for your workout, and as studies show, they also help with weight loss when used correctly. The appetite suppressing and metabolism boosting effects of protein are now widely recognized in weight-loss regimens. However, make sure that you chose high-quality protein powders for best results.

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