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Losing Weight Yet Keeping Your Hourglass Physique

Weight Loss

Every person yearns to be fit and good looking, some people aim to gain mass and muscle while others strive to reduce the fat they have and reduce their weight. There are multiple exercises that help you lose weight and guide you to build a perfect body. Although every person’s criteria for a perfect body is different, the popular opinion is women having an hourglass figure and men having a v-cut with strong thighs. One can always tweak their body to their liking by following proper routine exercises and having a good diet.

Losing weight overall is a hard process but what is even harder is reducing your fat on a specific spot. If you want to slim your waist or tone your thighs, but still want a flattering silhouette then it can be a tough task. You may have to work harder on some spots to lessen the fat. Furthermore, you would need to skip or increase your food intake for that lifestyle.

There are different criteria for a person to lose weight as well. Some have a higher percentage of fat in their hips and have slender waists. Others have small hips and bigger waists. The percentage of fat in your body has a major role to play in your workout and your lifestyle. Following are some of the things you could do to lose weight yet keep that attractive hourglass physique.


Anaerobic Training:

Anaerobic exercises are the best for cutting fats in difficult places. The activity itself is not everyone’s cup of tea and can be difficult to perform. Excessive training is required to appropriately carry out these exercises.  It is a high-intensity interval training exercise that can increase strength and endurance.

Doing these types of workouts at least 2 times a week can help your body get in shape immensely. Make sure to do different forms of exercises in these workout routines. Minimal 8 exercise will help you in targeting each area of your body individually. The fat loss and muscle mass that you can gain through these exercises can build curves or accentuate the existing ones.

Cardio Workouts:

Cardio workouts are the most effective since they burn the most amounts of calories. The more you spend time doing these workouts, the more you intensify the process of slimming down. Cardio helps in slimming your waist all the while giving you a bigger bust. It is most effective when you do a minimum of 1-hour low-intensity workouts every day at least 5 times a week. To give you a natural boost in your slimming process, you can take help from a waist trainer and melt the stubborn fat off from there. A waist trainer quickens the process of a smaller waist as it tightens that area and produces more sweat when you exercise. Some of these exercises are as follows:

Dedicated exercises for each part of the body can help you shed the weigh off a specific part that has more fat pockets than your whole body. The more energy that you put into that area that harbors more fat cells, the better your chances are that you will have the desired body.


The Things You Should Eat:

There are a number of items that you can eat and enjoy food without the fear of gaining weight. Eating healthy foods is what matters the most in your curvy body goal. Olive oil, nuts, and fish all contain fats that are good for you which is why these products must be a part of your daily eating habits. Taking natural herbs such as dong quai and saw palmetto can increase your estrogen levels, if they are low which then benefits you in maintaining a big butt. Consume vegetables that have the least amount of starch and any type of fruits. For your dairy intake, opt for skimmed milk or soy milk instead of the traditional milk. Make sure that you keep an intake of foods that are naturally rich in omega 3 fatty acids or monosaturated. Eating these things in a standard amount cannot make you fat but instead will lead to a healthier body.

Food you should abstain from:

While there is a lot of stuff that can stuff your stomach with – food that does not let you gain weight, there are a few things that you must avoid eating. The biggest blunder you can do during your journey to have a perfect hourglass body is take weight loss supplement. Nearly all of them contain harmful chemicals and these drugs have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration authority. Many of them instead have side effects which can lead to chest pains or headaches or several health related issues.

Going on a starvation diet is also not a solution. It will only give you a temporary result and will then make you bloated once you start eating normally again. Also avoid different types of red meat as they have more fat content than white meat. Fattening dairy products must be avoided as well such as standard milk and all types of cheese. Refrain from eating rice as it will only add inches to your waist instead of decreasing it.

Dance workouts:

Belly Dancing:

Perhaps the most fun exercise yet the most effective of them has to be belly dancing. It does not require long hours of workouts, or huge spaces for you to move around with. No machines are also required to perform this simple task. Instead it gives your belly a vigorous workout and melts the fat from your body around the stomach area.


Another little known dance style is the zumba style. It is slowly gaining popularity and has been known to reduce weight. The dance moves itself are quite challenging and require practice to do it right. This again does not require any machines or props to use for your workout and can be done in a small space as well. The beauty of this dance form is that it focuses on many parts of your body simultaneously.

Hip Hop Dance:

Hip hop dance is a really moving dance form and requires a lot of energy and stamina from the dancer. This can result in a great workout for the person trying to lose weight and having the body that you have always wanted. An hour of dancing this particular form, with intervals, can help you burn around 250 calories.

There are multiple ways that you can achieve the body of an hourglass shape. The most important thing to remember is to be patient and persistent in your methods. Once you give up in the middle, all the efforts that you had made previously would be wasted as well. So until you reach your goal, do not let go of your vision and keep working hard.

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