Weight Loss

How to maintain after weight loss?

Weight Loss


First time in your life you lost major quantity of your weight excess and you are extremely afraid to gain them back. Even if you want, you don’t have time to keep following the program that helped you, to improve it and to go more, beyond own limits in muscle gains. All you want is to avoid fat accumulation and to make your muscle mass at least steady on the place until you can improve it more.

Behind the scene, next to all people around you, you are alone for yourself and nobary can resist your old habits except you. It is not just about the health, your useful abilities in life come along with your physical strength and there is no ability that can be maximized without your physical capability to express your personality with beloved ones.

Walking and weight loss .If you just have in mind what positive outcome one hour of simple walking can do to you, you will never avoid it. While you prepare for it, while you walk, while you come back and rest.. that is up to two hours off from food. Imagine what you can get with some simple sport like street chess and how much it could benefit you.



Golf, riding, swimming or whatever you take, you will have guaranteed weight and more than that, you will never think about that problem, nor be annoyed about it. Hold good exercise routines for weight loss and enjoy them.


Social weight loss support organizations or groups works on togetherness principle. Weight loss groups, camps and clinics are already well known to exist. Support new members and have a few free mountain walks per a year.

  • Measure your weight in digital results daily to trace eventual coming of a few grams of a kilo so you can delegate with food intake and improve physical activity.

  • BREAKFAST will make you satiated long time before lunch. DON’T ever avoid it.

  • Fiber food helps you with an appetite and feeling full major period of time, but concentrate more on proteins.

  • Keep a food diary and measure your portions.

  • When you are trying any way of maintaining your weight, it is almost impossible to follow it strictly 100%. If you fail in 20 percent, it is just that top of a normal food pyramid where you can have some sweet snack or sugared juice. keep gold middle in everything.

  • If you lost your weight fast and if you low your intake too much, your metabolism rate could lower. That state will prepare your body to strive more for food and to absorb more. This fact makes you to get fatter than you was before the weight loss program.
  • Two pounds per a week is healthy maximum to lose weight or to get it while gaining muscle mass what you can see in any balanced diet for weight loss
  • Slow return to some of old habits will give you courage to deal with most dangerous situations to gain fat again. 100g of low fat intake shouldn’t do a bad thing. See if your weight doesn’t move up, you are on the track.
  • It is good to keep in mind all situations that made you not being able to resist overeating. That is the only way to be prepared and not circle with same fails in life.
  • If you get fat again and fall into a worse situation, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to succeed weight loss again, even better and forever. A water exercises for weight loss are perfect match for those who are not used on sweating and those who are not sociophopic. If you have a private swimming pool, that better.


Search things you enjoy more than food:

Stressful situation will always be there to drag you into 1000 Cal meal and a few packs of favorite caramel bars with 500 Cal value. That was your usual antidepressant. Think about what is that another thing that makes you feel better, except food. Do enjoyment replacement: make a list of all things you enjoy and stick to them in stressful moments. Take a part in motivational program and learn to use your time in case of any emotional weakness. Try to use on simple yoga exercises for weight loss if you need something to keep you and active and calm at the same time.

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