Fitness Apps for Girls on the Go


Smartphones can do just about everything form editing selfies to directing us to the newest and amazing bars and restaurants for a refill. In fact, these devices are effective tools that help organize our lives and sticking to our objectives. At every start of a new year, we all make resolutions to restore our fitness and tackle the new yea head-on. However, money always get the better of us. Here is a list of the five must have apps to help you stick to your fitness goal set at the start of this year. Remember, it is never too late to start.

#1 Nike Fitness Club

This well-crafted Nike app offers more than 100 workouts for you to choose form and is designed specifically for women. Once you get started, choose your goal, from ‘get lean’ to ‘get focused’. The Nike Fitness club work with the user’s ability to help them achieve this. It also includes an option to keep your girlfriends in the know on your fitness progress and provides you with tips from top athletes to inspire you.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

#2 Garmin Fit

This app is designed for runners and cyclists. The Garmin Fit comes with a GPS tracking function that lets you know of your speed, distance covered as well as the total calories you have burned. The app is suitable for a 10 minute jog. It also lets you enjoy your favorite playlist.

iOS users can get the app for £0.79 while Android user can enjoy it at £0.69.

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#3 Fitocracy

If you are looking for an app that keeps you coming back, Fitocracy awards you points of rthe effort put into workouts via the app. The app contained informative articles and tips to help keep you motivated, charts to track your progress and a good community to keep you on track.

Fitocracy is available for both iOS and Android platforms for free.

#4 pocket yoga

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or used to yoga, the Pocket Yoga app helps users perfect the art. With numerous custom yoga routines, heart rate monitor and a calorie tracker, easy of demonstration, this app is great of user looking for flexibility in their busy life.

The apps sells for £2.29 for iOS and £1.89 for Android platforms.

#5 Fitbit Tracker

The Fitbit Tracker helps you counts the stairs you climb, calories burned and the hours you sleep. It allows you to set your goals and compete with your girlfriends while keeping track of the food you eat as well as the daily activities such as walking and climbing stairs.

Fitbit Tracker is a perfect app for both iOS and Android users at no charge.

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